Ceres: Failed HypnotismMature

When the lesson was over, Ceres left the room as quickly as possible. She had insisted that she would be home within the next twenty years, and Consus  had left grudgingly. But the real problem now was Tyler Harrison.

She had managed to escape the classroom without him tailing her, but she had three more periods to endure with him today... she wondered how she could get around this. Skipping on her first ever day was not an option, and pretending the whole thing never happened would be hard to pull off. But what if Tyler asked her, what would she say.

Ceres sighed as she entered the canteen; but before she could grab her food and leave, someone snatched her wrist and dragged her into a empty classroom.

'What the--' Ceres looked up, rubbing her wrist, 'Tyler?!'

'Don't mean to be rude, sweetie... mind explaining the whole thing? I didn't know your family was into incest.' Tyler glowered at Ceres, as if the fact she was engaged to someone else bothered him.

'Incest. I'm a Goddess! Who gives a shit?' Ceres boomed, 'you think you know every little detail now, think you can threaten to tell everyone my secret? I'm a fucking Goddess! Think--'

'Woah. Chill out, Ceres.' Tyler held up a hand, rolling his eyes before slapping on a serious expression, 'it's none of my business, but calling yourself a Goddess? Ain't that a bit much? And your family must be some weird fuckers to allow incest! Ceres, you need help!'

'I don't need help. You just don't understand that the Divine Gods and Paradise are real.'

'Your right there.'

'I don't have time for you, I'm hungry--'

As Ceres tried to walk away, Tyler spun her into his chest. He had an expression on his face which implied he thought he knew how to seduce her.

'Tyler...' Ceres breathed.


'You think you can get to me that easily?' Ceres chuckled and flicked his forehead, 'I'm not as much of a girly girl as you think I am. I'm not even a girl! I'm a Goddess!'

'You need help.' Tyler snorted.

'And you need to mind your own business. In fact,' Ceres walked up to him, and her eyes bore into his, 'nothing happened during the lesson. All you did was take notes, you didn't walk out nor did you hear a thing about Paradise and the Divine Gods.'

Ceres snapped her fingers and pushing Tyler away, and into a table.

'What the fuck was all that about?' Tyler growled. Ceres turned around slowly, to stare at Tyler with very wide and very shocked eyes.

The End

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