Tyler: EavesdroppingMature

He couldn't concentrate on his work, not with his curiosity and suspicion bubbling away at him, persuading him to go out there, into the corridor and see what the fuss was about. He could see Ceres from where he was sat, she looked completely furious, her green eyes burning with anger, her hands thrown up in protest. 

The teacher was completely oblivious to it, stood at the back of the room helping someone with their work.

I could slip out, he mused to himself. She wouldn't even notice.

Without really paying attention to what he was doing, he was out of his chair and across the room in a flash. A few heads turned towards him questioningly, but no one alerted the teacher. 

The voices outside were becoming clearer, a lot more precise. 

'Marry...brother! Rule...world. Divine God!'

Tyler frowned. What the hell were they talking about? Marrying brothers and divine Gods? What was up with this girl?

He opened the door quietly, just in time to hear the unfamiliar man tell Ceres: 'And what happens when you don't age, then what? You expect they'll just ignore it? No way; Ceres, come back to Paradise!'

'No!' Ceres shouted.

'What the fuck are you two on about?' Tyler couldn't help say. He watched both of them jerk round to face him. The guy she was stood with looked completely unfamiliar, but a lot like Ceres in a way. He had the same nose as her, same face shape and the same bright green eyes. Only he was a head taller, and was looking absolutely lethal right now, glaring at Tyler with such power and such force, that he shrunk back slightly into the doorway. 

'How much did you hear?' he hissed.

'Marrying brothers...divine Gods,' Tyler's words stumbled out in a rush. 

'Look what you've done now! You've got the human involved!' 

'It wasn't my fault!' Ceres snarled. 

'You really are crazy,' Tyler blinked. 'I'll leave you two alone to your weird argument about inbred families and whatever drug haze you're on.'

Tyler shut the door behind him, secretly relieved that they didn't stop him. He had no idea what the hell was going on, or who that guy was, but he had looked like he could snap Tyler in two with his bare hands and he thought it was best not to get more involved than he already apparently had. 

Shaking his head, he sat back down again and waited until Ceres re-entered the room, waited until he could bombard her with questions.

The End

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