Ceres: Unwanted VisitorMature

Ceres scowled at her book, it was words she knew, but the way they were put together made no sense to her. She really should have studied a bit more before she came to earth.

'Is Ceres in this class?' A teacher popped their head round the door, saving her from the hell that is psychology. Tyler quickly glanced up at Ceres from his notes, but she raised her hand.

'Thats me.'

'You have a person who needs to see you now. He said he name was Consus.' She told Ceres, who had frozen. She dropped her pen and her hands began to shake a little, and she knew all-too-well that Tyler was taking note of this.

'Tell him I can't see him.' She whispered.

'Pardon, speak up, love?'

'I cannot go see him! Absolutely not!' She nearly shouted, making people around her jump as she let her godly power out through her voice, Tyler stared at her with shock, before shrugging and returning to his notes.

'But he's...'

'Ceres. Come now, I said now.' A cold, harsh voice sliced Ceres's heart in two, it stopped beating, she was sure and her fast breathing stopped.

'I'm sorry, miss. Please excuse me from the lesson for a few minutes.' She called out in a shaky voice, she hated that Consus had the power to destroy her cool persona, and create a atmosphere of terror which had consumed Ceres's heart since she was a child.

As soon as she stepped outside the classroom, her arm was yanked to the left.

'What the hell do you think your doing?'

'Fuck off!' Ceres wailed, secretly delighted that she could curse her brothers name in this world.

'Ceres! Father says you are to come back at once! You have to!' He snarled.

'I refuse to marry my brother! I refuse to rule over the world! I refuse to be a Divine God any longer! No way, no way!' She shouted, not caring if anyone heard, 'I can be a normal human too! Just like Amie and her friends! I can be human!'

'And what happens when you don't age, then what? You expect they'll just ignore it? No way; Ceres, come back to Paradise!'


'What the fuck are you two on about...?' A astounded voice yelped from the corner, Ceres span around to see Tyler staring at the two of them with wide, confused eyes.

The End

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