Tyler: PsychologyMature

Tyler stared at Ceres wordlessly. She had been the first girl ever to reject him; he forgot what it had felt like. He felt the humiliation creep up on him, the steady blush materializing on his cheeks as he frowned slightly. Amie appeared to like her which only annoyed him even more.

Still, he liked a challenge.

He watched Ceres wink at Josh, who quickly turned away, no doubt not wanting to annoy Tyler. 

So, he thought to himself. She's one of those girls.

The teacher called them all to attention and Tyler shifted in his seat to face the front. He could feel Ceres' eyes boring into his back, but he refused to be perturbed by it. It had been a long time, sure, but he had dealt with girls like this before. It just meant a little more work for him, but he was willing to put in the effort.

The bell rang moments later, signalling the start of the day.

'Do you have Psychology first?' Ceres murmured to Amie who shook her head.

'Sorry I don't, but Tyler does. He'll show you the way.'

Ceres shifted her gaze to meet Tyler's; he didn't miss the reluctance. He smiled slowly, purposefully. 

'Come on,' he told her. 'Follow me.'

'I don't follow anyone,' she scoffed, earning a few glances from passer-by's. Tyler remained calm and unruffled as he raised one eyebrow at her.

'That's fine by me. Good luck with finding your class.' He walked off, leaving her stood there. 

Ceres' attempted dignity didn't last long as she shuffled after him, eventually equally her pace with his. Her colourful head bobbed up and down with each step she took, her eyes were fixed straight ahead, refusing to start any conversation. Girls in the hallway stared as they spotted the two of them, no doubt wondering if this was his new target. He didn't miss the envious glances they threw to Ceres, or the cool, composed face she kept. 

They eventually arrived outside Psychology and Tyler had started to say something to her when she walked straight past him. He chuckled slightly and followed her inside, sinking down in his seat. It was rather amusing watching her stand at the front of the class looking a little like a lost sheep. She had no idea where to sit but she wouldn't lower herself to sit beside him.

A middle aged woman with bright red hair and thick rimmed glasses entered the room, looking vaguely flustered. 

'Hello everybody, sorry I'm late...' she stopped as she spotted Ceres. Tyler took great pleasure in watching Ceres shift uncomfortably, blushing ever so slightly. 'Hello dear, are you lost?'

'No,' she sighed. 'I'm meant to be here. I'm new.'

'Oh yes!' the teacher exclaimed. 'You're Ceres, aren't you? Well take a seat dear.'

It was plainly obvious the only seat available in the room was beside Tyler, but Ceres pretended to be oblivious to this.

'Tyler, move your bag so Ceres can sit beside you.'

'Actually miss if you don't mind, I think I'd enjoy the company of my bag more thanks,' he murmured casually, earning a few snickers from his classmates. Ceres glared at him.

'Tyler don't be rude, move it now.' 

'Very well,' he sighed, purposefully taking his time to shift his bag off the chair and dump it on the floor. Ceres hesitated for a few moments, her eyes still searching the rest of the room for another available seat until she grudgingly took the seat beside Tyler. 

'Don't think I like being here,' she grunted.

'Don't think I like you being here,' he smiled back.

The End

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