Ceres: GreetingsMature


All eyes settled on pretty little Ceres as she walked into the room, she tilted her head and her eyes raked over the class full of... humans. She felt a little giddy to be in a room full of humans.

'So, Ceres no-last-name, tell us about yourself.' The ugly women at the front smiled, Ceres presumed she was their teacher.

'Oh, yes. I'm Ceres.' She beamed at her classmates, their cheeks flushed and they smiled back at her, 'I have an older brother called Freddie, though we look nothing alike. I love apples, reading, singing and loud things.'

The class stared at the short girl for a second, not sure if she was joking or not. Ceres shrugged and glanced at the teacher, he pointed to a seat at the back of the classroom.

'And, Ceres?'


'You do know that accessories your wearing are against school rules?' The teacher, shifted uncomfortably, gesturing towards the array of studded thing which covered nearly every inch of her pale skin, 'and are those tattoos?'

'Yes, sir. But you know that it's fine if it's me. Isn't it?' Ceres stared at her new teacher and she blinked, before smiling faintly.

'Of course, I know. Please sit down.'

Whispers erupted in the classroom and all stares were directed towards Ceres's face; this pleased her and she plastered a large smirk upon her face. She was sitting behind two people who could have been the best looking humans she'd seen yet. One, the female, had red hair which glimmered in the bright school lighting; her big blue eyes framed by thick black eyelashes, laden with mascara. The boy seemed to be emitting a heavy odour of smugness and she didn't like the expression on his face.

'I'm Tyler. It's nice to meet you.' He smiled, showing slight teeth. Ceres cocked her head and gave him a slight twitch of her lips. She then licked them and turned to the redhead.

'What's your name?' Ceres asked, ignoring Tyler's introduction, which seemed to have gotten to him as the irritation showed up clear on his face.

'Amie. I'm Amie.' She grinned, obviously interested in Ceres's complete and utter lack of interest in Tyler, 'so are those real piercing and tattoos?'

'Yes. Freddie took me to get them for a secret treat, I'd rather you didn't tell anyone. I don't want him to get into any trouble.' Ceres said in hushed tones, like it was the biggest secret in the world.

'Of course.' Amie grinned, 'you have a weird accent, where're you from?'

'I used to travel a lot.' Ceres replied vaguely, putting up a hand to look at her chipped red nail varnish. Ceres could feel Tyler's eyes on her face, they scanned her body, taking in every inch, getting a closer look. Frowning, Ceres poked his hand which was resting on her desk. Lots of things flew into her mind, his mind was filled to the brim with vulgar thoughts on sex and what girl he'd "most like to do". She found herself mingled in with, "she'll be easy".

Ceres smiled coldly and sank back in her hard, plastic chair. She pursed her lips and winked at a boy who was sitting near her. He blushed and looked away, Ceres wasn't especially pretty; but she knew the fact that she gave out an aura of danger and mystery was alluring.

How fun this shall be, oh how much fun this will give me! She thought slyly.


The End

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