Tyler Harrison: ChallengesMature

It was a new term at Rover High school which meant new challenges for Tyler Harrison. He wasn't the most studious or intellectual person around, that was something he would freely admit, and so the challenges he set himself weren't exactly...serious. He liked to challenge himself with the girls. How many he could manipulate, it was his thing. Something to pass the time. He never got serious with them, never past the two month mark and would break their hearts as though they were nothing. 

Of course they never saw it coming. They just saw him as Tyler, the most handsome guy at that school, the most confident, the most popular, slightly arrogant but positively alluring. But he was getting bored with the same old faces, the same old results, they all made it far too easy for him. 

He needed someone fresh, someone new, someone stubborn that he could bend to his will. Luckily for him, a new student was starting that Monday morning. Whether it was a boy or a girl no one really knew, they were just eager to meet them. 

Tyler was greeted with the same 'hello's' from his friends and the same giggles from the girls who hung around him, hoping to catch his eye. He waved them all off with a simple flick of his hand, a slight tilt of his lips sent them all blushing furiously. He laughed at how easy it was to control them all.

He took his regular seat by the window, at the back of the classroom. Amie sat next to him. Amie was the only girl in the class that Tyler hadn't actually attempted to hit on. Not because she was ugly, she was far from that. Her shiny copper hair hung past her shoulders in natural waves, her large blue eyes partially covered by her fringe and her creamy skin tone, like rose petals made her by far the prettiest girl he'd ever seen, but because she was his best friend. She always had been, ever since they were six years old. He was fiercely protective over her, which made a lot of the guys wary, seeming to break out of their arrogant ways and become something a lot more gentler whenever they spoke to her.

'Right class, as I'm sure you're aware, we have a new student joining us today. She's not from around here, so I'd like you to all give her a warm welcoming.'

Right on cue, the door opened and in stepped the newbie. There was a short intake of breath from virtually everyone in the room as they clapped eyes on her. She was, unusual definitely, but still cute. Tyler ran his eyes slowly over her, from head to toe, deciding if she was worth the challenge. Her hair was an array of different colours, reds, browns, even a hint of blue. She had the same skin tone as Amie, although her eyes were green, like two emerald stones. She was fairly short for her age but that didn't put her off. Tyler could literally feel the confidence radiating from her. Her eyes were narrowed, speculating her new classmates and her lips tilted slightly, as though unimpressed with what she saw.

'This is Ceres. Any last name?' Miss Gadsby partially joked.

'Just Ceres.' the girl muttered. 

Tyler smiled instantly, seeming very interested in the challenge just presented. He was going to have fun with this one.

The End

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