Ceres stood at the edge of Paradise, she didn't want to even spare her home a last glance. She wouldn't never look back at the home which had brought her so much pain and anguish.

'Ceres! Where do you think your going?'

'Away from you.' She replied bluntly, still not looking over her shoulder too look at her brother. He played a big part in making her life hell, and Ceres didn't intend to see or talk to him even again.

'We are to rule that world together. As Divine Gods.' He sighed, placing a hand on Ceres's shoulder. She flinched, shaking it off angrily.

'I don't want to rule over that world with an impure,' Ceres paused, knowing she couldn't swear while she was in Paradise, 'an impure thing such as yourself.' She continued.

'I am not impure, Ceres. As much as you loath me, you have to understand, you can't go there! Your role as a Goddess with be tarnished!' Consus, her brother, nearly shouted. His eyes widened, and his hand shot out as he tried to grab his sister as she jumped off the edge of Paradise.



'Hey, miss, are you okay?'

'Go away, fool. I'm perfectly fine.' Ceres replied in a groggy tone, 'where am I?'

'Your in Leeds, Yorkshire... you've got an accent, your not from around here?' The man asked, Ceres glanced up at him. He was the sort of human Ceres had always admired, laden with tattoos, clad in denim and leather. She beamed at him.

The man blinked at her before smiling back, holding out a hand for. Just by touching his hand, Ceres knew his was in his twenties, and although he had a tough personality; he was very kind.

'Were you at some fancy dinner?'


'Then why are you dressed like that?'

'Because,' Ceres paused, knowing she couldn't tell him she was a Divine God, 'I was at a fancy dress as a fairy.'


'I want clothes like yours! Where can I get them from?' She suddenly burst out, looking at the man hopefully. He laughed.

'You have any money?'

Ceres frowned, 'hmm... that could be a problem.'

The man stared at her innocent face for a second before sighing, 'I'll buy some for you.'

'You don't have to. I get get another person to.' Ceres smiled, she held up a finger to him, ad sauntered over to a passing women, 'please may I have some money... no, you want to give me some.'

Ceres stared deep into the womens eyes, and the women smiled and handed her all the notes that filled up her purse.

'How the fuck did you do that?!' He shouted with glee.

'I can do hypnosis?'


'I'm not very good, my brother is better.' Ceres pouted, she handed him the money, 'please help me buy the clothes.'

'Sure, but whats your name?'

'Ceres. I don't know if I have a last name.'

He stared at her, confused, 'um... okay. I'm Freddie. Now lets go get you some clothes.'

Ceres nodded, following after Freddie. He pulled her into a gloomy-looking shop laden with various items of clothing made of checkered, netted and black material.

'Um... Freddie?'

'Yeah?' He mumbled, checking out an item of clothing and putting it against Ceres's body.

'I don't have anywhere to live. Let me live at your house.'


She grabbed his shoulders, slightly ashamed to do this to her new friend, 'I now live at your house, later on, were going to go home and have dinner together, like we always do. Because I'm your litter sister.'

Freddie blinked and smiled at her, putting a hand on her shoulder, 'quickly pick some clothes, Ceres. It's way past your curfew!'

Ceres had a strong feeling that her life in the human world was going to be eventful, and as she looked  at her makeshift brother, she knew that this was how she wanted to be. And no one was going to stop her!


The End

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