God vs God

,,You look corrupted... Sinner...'' Helios said, panting, although he did not look better himself.
,,And you look like you want to die.'' the Demon still had a venemous touch to his voice.
The silence stretched on and there was an uneasy feeling in the air, like the calm before the storm. It was like the earth itself was holding its breath for what was to come. Or perhaps it was preparing.
For when Gods with equal powers clash, the whole universe cower in fear..

‘ [ Seth, the Demon ] ‚

Black blood dripped on the stone tiles as the body of the slain God disintegrated into ashes and floated away with the whistling wind. It hummed a melody of sin beyond redemption, for this night was about to bring iniquity to heaven, and demise upon all of the world.

      As the ashes flew away into oblivion a dark presence looked up at the moon which shone brightly over the castle courtyard. His demonic red eyes held only malice. His expression was steel and an evil aura surrounded him. A cloak as black as his raven hair adored his shoulders.

      He slowly dropped the dark scythe he held in his gloved hand and let it fall. But before it hit the ground, it transitioned into black fire and distinquished.

      He drew his hood and began walking away, he was done here. He knew his soul could never find salvation. He didn't care. The path to heaven was closed for him and his place in the underworld he had abandoned. Demons had no real place in this world, only their eternal blood lust kept their flame of life alight.

      ,,Are you satisfied, sinner?''

He with the red, almost dragonlike, eyes froze on the spot. Catiously he turned his head and found himself staring into the blue eyes of his opposite. He fully turned and looked at this new character with a venemous intent. No words were needed to be said, the combative question already hung in the air.

      You next?

      One had to recognize this angel-like presence who's expression was melancholy. Helios.

      ,,You do know why I am here, do you not?'' the calm voice of the sun God said.

      A stronger breeze past by the courtyard, making Helios' golden cape wave ghostly. The silence lay like a curse in the cold night.

      ,,Zeus is quite angry with you. I can understand why, seeing as how you slew his brother.'' he said and gestured toward the site where the black blood had begun to dry. ,,Tonight will be your last, Seth.'' he lifted and pointed his golden, almost glowing, sword toward the sinner.

      Seth seemed unamused by the challenge and without a word called forth his scythe again.

      Their eyes locked on and malignity met benevolence. This battle was going to be a once per millenia one, and it was going to take place right here. In the courtyard of this godforsaken castle, in the moonlit night.

The wind whistled louder in approval with the first clash. The force from both sides resulted in them both being sent flying back.

      Without pause, Helios charged at the sinner again, who fended him off easily, but not before Helios had forced them both into the air. While in the air, Helios spun around and swung his blade in a wide arc. Seth managed to defend himself but was still sent flying downward.

      Before he hit the ground, however, Seth skillfully lashed his scythe down on the ground and retained safely and unharmed on it.

      ,,Could it be that you are weakened from your previous battle with Hades?'' the melancholy in Helios' expression was gone. He was truly seriously about this battle.


      Seth dashed at the sun God and sparks flew as steel hit steel. They exchanged several blows, both trying to get past the other's defenses. Having a scythe gave Seth a slight advantage, which he exploited.

      He shifted his stance as he lunged, turning Helios' blade aside. He managed to get the point of his scythe behind the sun God and then quickly pulled it back toward himself. Helios didn't let himself be backstabbed, however, and managed to evade, but only a split second late. The scythe's blade still thrust into his sword arm. Bright blood began covering the weapon of darkness.

      Helios, seemingly unaffected, looked down at the scythe.


      Seth was a bit stuck thanks to his scythe still in Helios' flesh, this was a fact that Helios thought to make use of. The sun God steadied his grip around his weapon and called upon the Light. He embedded his sword with a furious golden fire to strengthen its power and forced it upward, cutting easily through the scythe's blade.

      Seth leaped backwards, gaining some distance without taking his eyes of Helios, who had begun healing his wounded arm.

      Dark, evil flames absorbed the blood on the scythe and began restoring the steel.

      ,,I see you've mastered your abilities quite well, sinner."

      On Helios' back a glowing mass spread out, and as he took to the sky Seth realized their form. Wings, that compensated more than enough for Seth's reach with the scythe.

      They both shifted stances and a mere second later Seth dashed upwards toward Helios who dashed downwards. Steel rang vastly against steel again and more sparks flew when they clashed yet again in midair.

      Helios had the advantage with his wings, that was a fact. Seth could create more flames to boost and launch himself into the sky, but remarkably slower.

      It almost looked like they were dancing as they crossed blades over and over in the air and with each hit gaining altitude. A wicked, grotesque dance that would send shivers down the spines of any observer.

      Luckily only the moon and dying flowers were observing this confrontation between good and evil.

The shining sword landed with an audible smash on the castle roof and Helios kept his glare at Seth, amused. His glowing wings infiltrated the night and gave everything around him a yellow hue.

      A brief moment later, his wings fluttered and he soon landed by his sword, looking up at the sinner with a dangerous stare.

      ,,I will end you!'' Helios thundering voice seemed to send shockwaves throughout the area, and at the same time the wind took a turn for the worse, making their cloaks and hair waver frantically.

      The clouds made way for Helios' summoning of power and streams of light circled around him.

      Seth realized the danger and recoiled slightly.

      ,,Disappear, sinner!''

      The wind's melodic humming transitioned into a high-pitched, almost deafening, rumble as Helios had collected enough power to commense a devastating projectile attack.

      The night's cold air turned burning hot as the sun God showed his true power, and launched the attack.

      A colossal mass of Light approached Seth in an incredible speed, setting even the bushes far beneath them aflame. It made thoughts tremble and for a minute the night was as bright as midday.

      ,,Don't underestimate me!'' Seth roared in rage as he adored himself in dark flames and charged directly at the incoming attack. This must've striked anyone else as suicide, madness, but without hesitation, the unforgiven sinner continued on, through the heat and destruction of Helios' power of Light.

An evil silhouette of a man appeared from the light and Helios could see the rage in those red eyes as it approached him, and he had no time to react.

      Still roaring, Seth held the bent blade of the scythe aimed at Helios midarea and as it hit, it pounded Helios down with incredible force. A deafening noise was heard as the roof gave in and broke. Seth claimed control of the fall and soon they hit the floor so many meters below. His dark scythe was still situated on Helios' stomach, making him hiss loudly in pain as they crashed to the floor.

      The familiar red liquid began to cover up the scythe again, as well as the checker-esque floor beneath them. And not just Helios'. Seth's blood was taken into account.

      Helios had in the last moment before the impact managed to raise his sword, and it had thrust halfway through Seth's abdomen.

      His wings had disappeared along the way and he still held the sword steady as he tried to get to a sitting position.

      Tch. Seth scoffed softly before leaping backwards off Helios and once again gaining some distance between them.

      The distance between them was filled only by the falling pieces of the roof and the moonlight which made them caste ghostly shadows that wavered on the floor and walls. The wind didn't reach them in here, nor did its resonant melody. Everything was once again quiet. Seth's cloak had been almost completely ruined and there was an undeniable contrast between his pale skin and black shirt.

      Seth acted like the wound wasn't even there, even though the blood still dripped, and as Helios got up his faithful blue eyes locked on with vibrantly red ones that cut through the dim room like a spear. His expression was anything but pleasant. It had went from calm to wroth with the last attack.

      ,,I see...'' Helios breathed. ,,You have truly become a Demon...''

      Despite their injuries, neither wanted to give up.

      Seth summoned more dark flames to adore his scythe and then, without approaching, he swung it, sending the flames at Helios. It looked somewhat like a dark, bent blade that scorched the floor. Helios held his sword confidently before him and took the attack. His armoured feet slid slightly backward but he still managed to split the attack in half, saving himself.

      Helios plunged his sword into the floor and began running towards Seth. His blade collected Light as it at the same time made long cracks along the ground. When he was about an arm's length away from Seth he jerked the sword up in a straight line. Seth was wise enough to dodge this instead of trying to face it head on. He had already been weakened enough by that last attack. Even though his own flames had kept him safe, he still couldn't afford to be reckless.

      Neither could Helios.

      Seth leaped in the last moment to the left and called forth even more flames to adore and protect him if need be.

      The attack lit up the room like thunder and made the blood red curtains waver erratically. A huge crack appeared on the wall just by the place where Seth had stood just a second ago, before a part of it came crashing down.

      The two of them stood back-to-back for a moment before they both turned around, facing eachother again for a head-on attack.

      It looked like Seth had set his entire forearm ablaze, and an aura of those same flames had begun to cover the area around him.

      Helios commenced a similar attack, but instead of an ambience of light, his wings came back and his eyes began to glow.

      The whole castle trembled as their attacks clashed and a clearly visible shockwave emitted from them. Their attacks were equal and they were both sent flying back a long distance. Seth's arm had taken alot of damage and his burnt flesh let smoke escape ever-so-slightly. His cloak had been completely disintegrated from the taken damage and only a substandared black shirt covered his chest.

      ,,You look corrupted... Sinner...'' Helios said, panting, although he did not look better himself.

      ,,And you look like you want to die.'' the Demon still had a venemous touch to his voice.

      The silence stretched on and there was an uneasy feeling in the air, like the calm before the storm. It was like the earth itself was holding its breath for what was to come. Or perhaps it was preparing.

     For when Gods with equal powers clash, the whole universe cower in fear, from the Utopia down to the deepest pit of the Tartarus.

      Outside, the once calm weather had turned to an all out storm and a bolt of thunder struck down just outside the window and lit up everything as they both leaped for another attack. The one that would determine not only who lives - but also the fate of the world.

The End

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