I'm the worst when it comes to explaining my story but the bare basics are in this world, similar to Earth, there are gods or deities, who "rule" over a region. The people worship these gods and in return are rewarded with something, usually something that benefits their region. The story follows a man who has a grudge against the gods and is thrown into an adventure to destroy all the gods/uncover...THE TRUTH!!!! I have some sort of fetish with using if you think i used too many.

And there they were, looking upon the sky with great joy. They had waited so long for the their goddess to come, and that day had finally arrived. But what brought these men, women and children to such a desolate desert, filled with pain and suffering, torment and agony, complete anguish. A place where the day burns the skin, a hell with a blazing sun, and the night chills deep inside the bones, a frozen wasteland without snow. Where death is a close friend, pain is the only commodity sold, and terror reigns above them. Where water is just a heavenly dream, and food was once a brother, a son, sister, mother, lover, friend. For what sense did each one, a survivor, blessed or cursed, line beside another under the blazing star, staring into the sun, into dreams, into hope, into light and then into nothingness, as some fell, as some slept and all continued. A ritual. A sacrifice. Each day a constant wish, a collect of a common dream, a yearning, craving, hunger for their Sasha. For she could only sate their appetite with her blessing. They prayed, they pleaded, they cried, they screamed, they demanded their Sasha. And as their voices fell from prayers to screams to cries to nothing but a low grumble and their desire, their hunger, their lust, became desperation did red fill the sky. Their prayer had been answered as crimson reflected their sight and a blood filled the heavens. A cloud, a red nimbus, one that darkened the world but lit their hearts. Sasha had come. She had finally arrived. And she exhaled with such ferocity, such violence, she destroyed all they had, all they earned, all they made, pillaging all but their lives. But worldly possession were abandoned long ago, nothing could be worth more than this moment. Truly a miracle. Each one stood, hungry, holding hands tightly, athirst, and watched the chaos before them, frail, with smiles upon their face, bliss. Complete and utter bliss. Nothing could break this moment for them. Not the dust in their eyes, nor the cuts on their skin, the grumbles of their bellies. As their children, their fathers, mothers, family and friends, became one with the sand, none would break gaze upon their goddess. They had suffered much, grown weak and fragile, but desire, lust, passion were always their greatest strength and today, the day they longed for so, nothing could stop them. But they had waited long enough, they yearned for this, they deserved it and would have it. And with that each one slowly opened their dry mouths to drink. And the goddess could not help but abide their wish and first they were filled with sand, a familiar taste, then winds that almost choked them, a familiar feeling, and finally red liquid fell and they accepted their gift. Red wine fell from the sky, upon their faces, touched their lips, and seeped down their throats. Bliss. Complete and utter bliss. They were not satisfied. And the goddess wept, and the earth bled and the land was consumed with lust. The world spun. The goddess blew the cycle of life and they fell to their knees, they prayed, they cheered, they cried and they drowned in their desire. And the cycle continued and they were satisfied with wine until they were greeted by a familiar feeling and filled with a familiar taste. Mouths still a gap, a last attempt to fulfill their lust. And as her people became one with the land, had the tears began to stop. And upon the crimson, stood a lone woman, filled with the goddess's gift, her lust finally satisfied. With reddened eyes the woman watched her goddess vanish. All was gone, all was done, she laid a hand on her newly fattened belly, giving it a gentle stroke. A smile grew upon her face as she felt a light kick from inside. Then another. And another, rougher, until the very insides of her body began thrashing about. She smiled. Pain filled every nerve and every orifice bled, and she felt it. The cracking of bone and tearing tissue, screams of pleasure and pain, her flesh tore and ripped violently from her stomach. First a hand, then an arm, it reach out her open belly. A man was born from her, wearing nothing but a cloak of blood. There was a silence. Then there was a cry. A miracle and she smiled with bliss. Complete and utter bliss. She met eyes with her creation and creator, eyes a rich and golden beauty befitting of a deity. And they woman's eyes rolled back and her blood mixed with the sand.
   "To birth a God! I am truly blessed..." These words never left her mouth but they filled the world.
A tear fell from the man's eye as he disappeared into the dark...

The End

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