Who to thank for ?

I gave myself a list of all the things I have to be thankful for.

I guess I could write them here,since this page itself says.Be humble,be sincere,give thanks.But then I stop and think.

I feel.And I stop again.

To who am I thanking ?

To all of the people who are part of my life or to the ones who created me,so I could in turn thank you lot ?

And I stopped again.Do I thank Him first ?

And if you are thinking I stopped once again you would be right,I did.

Because you see I am by religion a Christian.

So,in my mind I want to thank Him first.It makes sense to me.And now I don`t stop.

Because to me life has never been clearer or made more sense.Not by a long shot.I am at peace these days.

I no longer feel dirty or stop myself from looking in the mirror.I see who I am and not the viticm anymore.I see Gods child in all I can be.In all I am and will be.

I am happy.It has taken a long time but today and every single day for the rest of my life I will say thank you to one person first and formost.

So to  you who needs no thanks.

I,Carla say my humble thank you,God.For all you have done for me.

In every day of my life until today and for the rest on my life.

Thank you in advance for all you are about to do in my life.I am sure it shall be interesting to live it.

And the rest of the list I shall do it in person to every one of you.

Lol,she strikes again with her sense of humour.Portuguese little brat.

The End

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