To praise one`s mother is to give thanks for life itself.

So to thy, I give thanks for you did not gave birth to me in labour,but in all that counts in my life you are there to stand beside me.

So to the i pay homenage.

Sharon Flood.

My mum.I see getting my mouth in a grin of so much love my eyes shine in hapiness.

What did you bring into my life ?

Acceptness.Understandment.Love.Praise.A friend.

You are my rock,if my sons are my heart and all that centers me,you are the glue that holds all of us together.

You are in my heart next to them,you are my mum.

I can not think in so many words in order to say thank you for coming into my life.But I shall try.

When we write together,we live together the adventure we unravel in words.And side by side we beguin to know even more about .

I see who you are.You are beautiful.

Before my eyes and those who know and love you.


How are to me so much that to convein in only one word it would have to be :Mother.

Your loving daughter,


The End

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