To the world

Once upon a time 32 years ago,in the body of two grown adults sex happened and nine months into it a child is born,me.

Was i ever in the thought of God ? I hope so,I pray so.Otherwise my life and the life of my sons have less meaning and that I refuse to acept.

For the all the great people that have shelter me through the miserable time in my life the ones that were there when Micael was born,when i fought for Lucas to be born.To those present in my father burial,when i read the last scriptures.To the priest who tried to say words of comfort to a broken heart...

To the places in the shadow i put Mica to sleep when we had no home to life on...Life has been sad and so happy,if today you and your brother are so much more than I had hope for, I have God to thank for.He guided your father steps to me,and in my body a mans seed was capture twice to create life.

So today this poem is to say thank to the two man, I love most in the worl.

Micael Lauro, my eldest.

Lucas youngest.

My strong compass,my world,my heart.

To the world I send you, and God may have mercy on those who try and harm you,because i won`t.

Beware of the wrath of Carla...



The End

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