A look within

I struggled with my life,

I blamed you for my strife.

I fought with you, and wept,

Over promises you had not kept.

I turned myself away from you,

I called your existence untrue.

I drove myself to the edge,

To disown you was my pledge.

Then did I see, that you created the beautiful me.

Gave me a life and you set me free.

You let me love you and you let me hate you,

Your love for me was always true.

You always let me freely choose,

Whether to win or whether to lose.

You gave me opportunities to let me learn,

But somewhere I lost out on the fun.

I imposed on myself to win,

I lost myself in the mad din.

Then I saw your love's enormity,

When I suffered, you suffered with me.

Not once you expected anything from me,

I finally now begin to see.

You love,serenity, patience and calm,

I grasp forever now, your stretched arm. 


The End

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