A Christmas day...

Today of all days there is only one person in my mind i need to praise , to thank , to uphold, i say his name with a fever in my blood, for today a mere 2008 days ago He was born...

 Jesus Christ is His name and i would like to take  a few minutes of my time on this special day to say, thank you.

So for us he was He was born, a child with a migthy destiny,with a what we know today an very unpleasant ending, and yet in faith and honour, in the fact He loved His father above all, He did what had been asked of Him.

How can we think we know of pain, when He died for us ?

Christmas is all about family,and me being me i want to say to those who are here today, be kind to those who raise you, remenber to pay them their due respect, be humble in life towards others and in all that you do remenber to treat them as you would like to be treated.

That is my message to you all, be well in this day and all the days from now.

     Merry   Christmas,

                                      Carla Freitas

The End

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