dont trap me

Let me go, let me go

For I don’t know how to resist

Something that I am not

Wires in my head are split

My heart has gone berserk


Lazy mornings couldn’t get me up

But now time has changed to meet up

I have to stand for the man that I am

To make a beautiful someone that I am


Freedom I asked for yelling within my voice

Screamed so hard I couldn’t hear my noise

Eyes raging with passion still not built

All I asked was for the world without boundaries I built


I will not stop, for even I know this has just begun

The end of it I have seen and it’s just begun

I may be the only warrior left to fight his own self

But I will overcome the guilty man inside me defeating him myself


I will not give up

I will fight up

I will have the way I want

Let me go let me go.





The End

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