If this it not the place to put praise to this site i dont know where to go. So this is my way of saying thank you , to all the people behind the webpages that created the site to those who willingly came and made it what it is today, to Tasha , to Moon, to River talk, to Sly, to Jack, to Kevichela, to Rejectedmuse, and all of the people i have not read yet, my humble thank you.

Do you even grasp the concept to everyone that one day thought i like to write, but putting down words in a diarie is not enough, and one day without any expectation there it is( i found this website not because i went looking for it but because it showed on my page at facebook-how lucky was that?),and everything falls into place.

I like to write ,i am sure that with time i will even do it a bit better, but i love to write and protagonize allowed me to be true to who i am. There is a post called the debate forum, in it there is a chapter about how you go about waiting to be happy, and i find myself smiling as i write this words i dont need to wait to be happy, it is not a job, or money or anything else, this here makes me happy.

There. That is it. My way of saying, thank you.

You made one person. Me. Extremely happy.

Again, thank you.

The End

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