A Gift

Thank you gives appreciation,

A gift of love to a friend,

A gift of praise to a stranger,

But what other gifts can a thank you give?

What if you thank the life you live?

Does the sun blush and then embrace?

Does the moon slip away to hide its face?

Do the flowers bloom just for you?

Or does the sky shine extra blue?

All this happens and so much more,

Happiness is dancing even as it pours.

And I realize now, as the words slip away,

Thank you or not, life is here to stay.

The words give nothing to life itself,

You have more to give than praises of wealth,

So what can you give in exchange?

Do you give devotion, thanks, and praise?

There is a more meaningful gift to give,

It is a gift that inspires one to truly live.

Give not your affection, adoration, or flattery,

But rather, give life, action, love, and energy,

And remember that a thank you is a trivial phrase,

It will never match the spirit of life you blaze.

The End

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