To my special tiny friend

This is to someone I spent alot of time with (we were inseperable) before time sadly took him.


As I held you in my arms,
You seemed so small
And I knew at that moment
That you were all i'd ever need.

We went everywhere together,
You were always at my side.
You'd sing to me about everything
I could not ask for more.

Two weeks later all has changed.
It's been days since I heard from you
You no longer have the energy for me.
It breaks my heart

I stick my cord in you 3 times a day,
Sometimes for 4 hour bursts.
All i want is for you to make a sound,
But you lay there silent.

More time passes and
I realise you are dead.
And you are placed in the box
That will be your resting place now.

As i said my final goodbye
and wiped away the tears,
I realised I always loved you.
Thank you for everything, my Ipod

The End

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