One day when there is no more time...
You will wish you would have writen here...

Its a very big responsability  to speak of GOD.

There is always a hew of how to adress such subject.

 I dont think GOD espects  us to be afraid to speak our mind.

If anything I would guess He would prefer that man spoke more of him or to him for that mather.

I could talk about my experience with God but this is not the reason i started this particular chapter.

I guess I just wanted to say to him thank you for the harsh times for the good times for the greatest of times.

In my personal life even when we were not in speeking terms.

 God has always been a very present person in my life.

So to Him I pay my respect in these words.

Like I said this is just to say thank you.

And to give a bit of enlightement to myself to some of the things I think are of major importance to me.

The fact that I am a Christian is without any doubt the most important of them all.

The End

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