Who is He...She...It...Them??

I am not a deeply religious person and neither am I a non-believer. I believe in Right vs. Wrong and Good vs. Evil, but in terms of reality and not divinity.

I believe that God is a part of us. Of all of us. The good ones, as well as the seemingly evil ones. He was as much a part of Gandhi as he was of his killer. God is a spirit, a soul, an appendage, a helping hand, a tear of joy, an anguish of pain, a fleeting memory, a heart-wrenching sob. He is everything we are and dwells in everything that we do.

I believe that we have been created in God's image, as an extension of his own character. I do not believe in a God that goes by a specific name, but only in the God within each of us. It is that same God who inspires us, strengthens our spirit, gives us valor, and makes us who we are. Even if we go wrong, I believe that it is God who is always ready with the guiding light.

Gandhi once famously said - "Hate the sin, not the sinner." And I believe God is in those words.

The End

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