A Little Point

The Bible - the greatest work of fiction ever? I think not.

I believe, of course, that some parts of it are imagery. For example, Genesis. I'm not entirely sure that it should all be taken literally. And Revelation, too. I mean, dragons?

But I believe the rest of it - that Jesus lived and died and rose again, that God created the world, yada yada.

Proof -

There is historical evidence that Jesus lived. There is historical evidence that he died. Most people believe that around the year 0 there was a guy called Jesus who was born, and then about thirty years later was crucified by the Romans.

The bit they have a problem with is the resurrection. But I'm not entirely sure why.

We say it's impossible. Tell someone 2000 years ago that humans would be able to fly from one place to another, and talk to people in Australia without moving, and all the things that modern technology can do - what would they have said? That it was impossible?

Then think about it. 2000 years from now, perhaps they'll be laughing at the fact we thought the Resurrection was impossible. It's quite likely.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not one of these people that says that Jesus was a time traveller. (However, I do believe that as God he was outside of time, and so could manipulate it at his will).

But it's obvious - to anyone with an open mind - that he was just a little bit ahead of us, in wisdom and knowledge. Perhaps he knew about resurrection because he'd already planned out the life of the person who would make the discoveries that would make it possible, 2000 years from now.

Okay, this sounds mad. I'm just gonna shut up.

But think about it, please.

Isn't our technology today just as strange?

The End

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