Apology (defending one's religion from other claims)

I understand Wolf's point, and this is my rebuttal:
God looks for character, an INTANGIBLE charactaristic of every human alive. The point of our time on earth is to build this... escense sufficiently enough to be ABLE to place faith in something that is not apperant to the five senses. I agree with your statement that we cannot actualy hear God unless in special revelation. No, rather I say we feel God another way- through our souls. The soul is something that lives on through this life and into the next. It is God's telephone to us, what pagans call the conciense, the means by which we survive this mortal existence.  Jesus, a man on the outside but God in spirit made the perfect deposit of quarters into every single human's that has or will ever live's soul telephone. He did this, not by becoming fully mortal on the cross, but by destroying the power death when his body died. It is him that restrains a perfect wrath with perfect mercy.

Our only job as recipients of this immesurable gift is to use that telephone, and follow God's good purpose as well as posible in our sin.

Now to the flaws in the scientific "proof" that there is no God.

What, do you seriously think that matter and time just popped up out of nowhere? Where did the material for everything come from in the first place?  No, my friend, God created the world and everything around it. This is the challenge he sets before us, to get into heaven.

Of course, the chances that you will listen to a 12 year old and save yourself from eternal damnation are not so hot, but I can do nothing more to help you. Please, actuall pray. Go to a good church. Sit there, and probe yourself. Be perfectly honest about life and your spirit, and repent.

*the spirit is what counts, this is not my best work!

The End

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