God is What We Believe

I believe that God is an ideal. He is good, forgiving, you can trust him etc.

I do not believe in one specific god. I believe in people being good to one another and mutual respect. I tend to stay away from organized religions because there will always be that one person that uses their religion as an excuse to hate. Not everyone is like this, but I think that as long as people separate themselves and look at the differences between themselves and others, there will be no peace.

People don't need to be Christian or any other religion to be good people. Life is what you make of it. If you choose to cause harm and be cruel to people, all of it it will come back to haunt you whether it be in the form of eternal damnation or karma.

Maybe there is a heaven and a hell, but I can't believe that if there is a God he would let people who have served others their entire lives go to hell just because they believe in some other god.

God is what we want him to be. He is a justification for our ideals and beliefs. This is why I believe that no religion has the wrong god. I myself do not believe in the god of the Christians, Jews, Muslims, or the many gods of the Hindu faith. I merely believe in a higher power that desires for people to help others. Perhaps he rewards us for the good and punishes us for the bad, but I don't know. 

The End

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