I believe in god.  I know, if nothing else, that there is a god, but . . . I cannot agrue with you about it.  You need faith.  But not just faith that believe in something you can't see.  That would be to simple.  You cannot see wind, although you feel it and watch it and breath it and survive off of it . . .

But I can say something.  I only half and half believe in evelution.  Why could a god not exist while evelution could?  Why do they not both exist?

I think that the idea of evelution is horrible, though.  The man who thought of evelution, actually did not just stumble on it by chance.  He'd set out, from a little boy, to disprove god, not just make a brake through in sience. 

Also, he only discovered natural selection, something that makes lots of sense and has been proven.  He did not ever come up with evelution (and to this day it is still just a theory).

also, even though we have many species of animals that we believe had ancestors of dinasours and other species, what about when the dinasours were wiped out?  suddenly, here comes the biggest flaw.  They say that the meteor or other sort of natural disaster suddenly whiped out 80% of all life, or something like that.  There simply was not enough time for us to "Evolve" to humans from monkeys, which also had barely been evlolved yet because of that "Meteor."

Most people have this crazy idea that god obviously isn't there, because he lets wars happen and world hunger.  well if he did suddenly stop everything and the world was completely peacful, what would be the point of him creating the world and sending us down to it?????!!!!!  It would be like a test where he put the answer sheet right next to us!

And most of the time prays are answered, people will say it was a coincidense.  That is the most rediculos thing I've ever heard.  That's almost not following the same argument.  The idea that god answers prayers is the idea that he is the one who made thos coincidences . . .

I, however, cannot agrue you into believing god.  It doesn't work like that.  The one  thing that god perposly put on the earth is an excuse.  there could always be a way that it wasn't from god.  If you do want to know, do want to believe, that I have something to say.

People say that "Knock, and it shall be opened unto you."  But I think it should be, "The lord is knocking, so go open the door." 

The End

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