The Devil's Advocate

Judging by the other chapters (can I call them chapters? This seems more like a debate than a story) I am the only one writing who believes God does not exist. Well, when I say 'believes that God does not exist' I mean just 'God does not exist.' Don't get me wrong, I am quite happy for people to believe in God, after all it is their decision. But what crosses the line is when people tell stories of their so-called 'answered prayers'. I refer to the snow incident in the first chapter. Am I supposed to believe that just because you prayed it would snow, it did? That a man in the sky decided 'Oh! There's a kid down there who wants it to snow. I might grant him that wish!'? If God did decide which prayers He would answer, you would have thought He would answer the prayers of people in the third world or in war zones (or both, as the case may be). This is the main reason I object to your argument. 

I put forth the three reasons that completely undermine the Christian idea of 'God'. (I am using Christianity as an example, simply because it is the religion I have been most exposed to) Anyway, her we go. Take the typical Christian saying that God is all powerful, all knowing, and all good. Now what if I asked, so why does He cause natural disasters then?

1. If the theist replied, 'Well, He creates natural disasters to test us. If you are good and love your God, you will survive.' So what happens to all the little kids caught up in these things like earthquakes and volcanoes? Did they deserve to die? Surely they haven't got 'sin' if they are innocent children. If they die in a natural disaster, then God can't be all good, can He (or She) ?

2. If the theist had replied, 'He gave us free will to do stuff to our planet!' I would say that God can't have given us free will, without losing his state of all powerfulness (is that a word?!) So He can't be all powerful. Which brings us to...

3. If the theist had replied 'But what if He doesn't know what's happening in the natural disaster?' That comment would prove to be their downfall. They will have just admitted that God can't be all knowing! 

So there we go. If God can't be any of these 'states' that He supposedly is, then He can't exist. Science is expanding our knowledge of the world around us, and the gaps that God can hide in are getting very small indeed. A friend asked me the other day, 'But don't you feel like your life has no meaning without God?' I was shocked at her suggestion that I could not find meaning in life without the presence of an old man in the sky, watching over my every move (God should really join MI5. I mean, nobody's ever seen Him apart from a few whack-jobs). Although I personally take the view that life has no specific meaning, other than to reproduce to populate the planet, I want to make the world a better place for my fellow human beings. How many religious people do you know who actually do good things for people in need? Or do they just go to church every Sunday and say that because of that they can get into 'heaven'? I respect religious people who live their religion, and do good things. It may be for the wrong reasons (to please 'God' and so on...) but at least they're doing something. I don't believe in heaven and hell, but while I am alive, I would like to make society a more equal place, and reward those who deserve it. I don't need someone up in the sky telling me to do that! I have my family and friends, thank you very much. I know I am straying slightly off the point here (and risking sounding like Miss America) but I want to live in a world where absolutely everyone is equal. And I am afraid that it's not going to happen while we have religion affecting our education, government and right to speak our mind. Seriously, people, stand up for what you think is right, not for God, FOR YOUR FELLOW HUMANS! For too long has this fictional guy (or girl)  been influencing everybody! (not to mention them using Him as and explanation for a flipping snowstorm!). Stop thinking about pleasing a guy in the sky, just get on with your life. I mean, you only live it once... ;)



Please don't take offence! As you can probably tell by my 'Miss America' ramblings, I have recently discovered Marx. AND announced to my family that I am a communist. They didn't take it well.

The End

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