My 'Proof' 2

Since my first chapter caused some controversy I've decided to give you a story. Something that actually happened.

My father was in a car crash last summer (2008). It wasn't his fault: somebody crashed into him, rather than him into them.

At the time I was volunteering for a community event near where I live. I'd had a disaster with some cookies I was making and they had gone wrong, but I bravely took them along for the catering team to add to team lunches.

As I was packing my stuff, and trying to find my bike helmet (I always cycled up), the phone rang. It was my dad.

"Can I talk to Mum, please?"

I gave her the phone. Suddenly I had this really weird feeling and I knew - I just knew - that it had been a car crash. I can't explain it.

She told me that the car was a write-off and he was going to hospital to be checked over. The car had tipped on its side and he had been slammed into the window, so he might have had whiplash or damage to his head.

I cycled up to LitP (the event) worried about him. As I arrived I went straight to the team prayer tent, and talked to the volunteer on duty there.

She told me that she would ask all of the team to pray during the big team meeting. Slightly more cheerful, I went off to the catering tent where I was due to help prepare lunch.

When my father came home that evening, he didn't even have a bruise. He wasn't scratched, he didn't have bumps ... completely and utterly fine. He was shaken, yes, but there were no bodily injuries.

Personally, I thank the prayers of the LitP volunteers for that. I don't know how it could have happened, otherwise.

That's my thoughts, anyway.

The End

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