A Temple Built Upon Sand

Love is an emotion, an intangible thing.
If the God is real in the same sense that an emotion is real, than the God is not a tangible god, rendering him as not a personal god, nor a  man.

Question not, question not!
For faith is the solution and the prize? Madmen and fools speak in such ways, for what prize can faith give that is worth seeking, when there can only be but appointment or disappointment, eternal life or oblivion, an absolute state rendered from a fickle, intangible concept and a much ill-supported argument.

For this reason alone, we find in a story that Hope was the last thing that removed itself from Pandora's box of evils. For any hope is always unfounded hope, a greater villany than death. The men who motivate and change themselves see that hope is only for those who are either without options or are ignorant of those options. To bet your life on faith  and compare it to a single game, a single match, is folly. In one, you know the players but do not know the outcome. The other, you prophecy an outcome, but cannot see the players.

Do you begin to say you hear the voice of God? Or instead do you hear your own conscience? What might be more the truest essence of God? For isn't it so that all men claim that one of them or one of their kind had heard their patrons' instruction or their guidance through their worlds, through the practices of men?

Countless books claim to prove, and inspection shows them rent assunder. The words we read are not our own, these men we cannot trust. For the stories are older than the books, and the characters bearing different names and the settings are updated and catered to a new audience. The attributes of heroes and gods brought forth into this present day.

Even the newest books differ amongst themselves on the very same story.
One says three years, the other three, one.
One says, written by me!
The others say, he is an illiterate.
One says, he was born the God among men.
The other, that the God found favor with him near the end.

The End

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