My Testimony


God is Love, and Love is Real.

To know God you must have faith. Faith in that which you don’t see is true. Faith, like so many have a hope that their sports team, though the greatest of underdogs, just might pull off an upset over the number one seed. But you must desire this faith, more sincerely than anything else in this world.

Foster this desire, this great hope and pray. Express your desire to God with a broken heart and contrite spirit. If you desire this truly a seed will be planted in your heart and after earnestly nourish it, it will swell within your chest, it will enlarge your soul, it will enlighten your mind and it will become delicious to you. And you will know that it is a good seed because whatsoever is light is discernable and comes from God.

I have a testimony that God lives. That Jesus Christ is the savior of the world and will redeem mankind from their sins. I know because of prophets old and new, because of reading scriptures, because every Sunday I can feel the spirit so strongly at church among friends. But most of all I know because when I asked I received my answer.  If you pray and listen so may you.

Of this I bear my testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

The End

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