I'm In Awe

**I wrote this on the bus coming home from school today, looking at what an awesome sky was in front of me. PS - Awesome is an awesome word. I use it a lot.**

God, I'm in awe of your terrific beauty. Of the painful, glorious sunsets and sunrises that I see. The way the clouds go orange from the brightness of you awesomeness, blinding me with the dazzling beauty of your creation.

God, I'm in awe of the way that each time I walk to the bus stop from school, a new vista is unveiled to me, spread across a wintery sky. I'm in awe of the way that as our car turns into the school car park every morning, the sunrise is there, with the sun a glowing disc, or a golden burst behind clouds.

God, I'm in awe. There are tears in my eyes now, as I am gazing upon your latest work of art - an incredible sunset, though the day is still young, the sky still blue.

God, I'm in awe.

The End

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