Trust is a hard thing to get or give away



“ simple...but so complicated at the same time.”

“Let's talk trust.” My mom told me one day when she wasn't crazy. I lied to her about not doing my homework. She didn't get mad, she just shook her head and continued to make supper...leaving me in isolation for awhile.

I looked up at her from my bed when she came into my room and wanted to talk about trust.

“Trust is a very hard thing to keep or give away. When you trust someone you can't go against them at all...if you do you'll never have there trust again.”

I nodded, you know, even though I had no clue what she meant...not until now.


Walking down to the bridge was peaceful, I didn't see a lot of people walking around. Which was weird, because for a day in November, it isn't chilly at all. Musing about this I almost forget to turn down a path filled with trees and an opening that leads to the bridge. Seeing Winter sends my pulse racing and my head turning fuzzy. Shaking off this feel I walk up to Winter and sit next to her on the bridge.

“Hi.” I offered the first word.

Silence. I look at Winter and realize she is crying a little. I see one tear trickle down her face and her eyes broken.

“What's wrong Winter?”
“Aha,” Winter laughs, wiping her tears from her eyes, “as if you care.”

“What do you mean. I came didn't I?”
“Ya,” she glares at me, “but for different motives.”
I stare at her and she scoffs, turning her attention back from the moving water under the bridge, which is going by pretty fast, “Give me some credit, I know you like Claire. I also know she wants you to come to her house after school in two days.”


“She came over to my house, and told me that your just using me and I don't even know you. Than after being a heart know, she told me she invited you to her house.”
“Ya, why are you here Autum?”
“My names not Autum.”

“No,” she looks over at me, “than what?”

“Since when.”

I lean over and kiss her on the lips. First a small peck, but than our kiss builds in a monumental kiss.

I lean away from her and smile, “Since now.”

Now, if I do say so my self, Winter kisses better than Claire. Claire is the more overwhelming type. She goes to fast and pushes to hard. Where Winter goes at a mid-fast speed but than she slows down and stops kissing me. I figured this all out as I got lost in Winter's beautiful brown broken. I want to heal them for her.

We stop kissing and just sit on the bridge and contemplate life. Well, I was still thinking about Winter's kiss when Winter starts to tell me about her life.

“My mom was a druggie. My dad had a huge temper. They never married when they had me and my sisters do that makes me a bastard child. My mom...did something bad. I don't live with her...i live with my dad and his new wife...Debra. I have major trust issues...MAJOR TRUST ISSUES. I can't keep a boyfriend or girlfriend. I'm a mess.”

Looking over at her and rethinking her past I can see why what Claire told her ticked her off. Not caring about Claire I lean over and whisper in her ear, “I love you Winter.”

She looks over and me and shakes her head, “Don't say if you don't mean it.”

“I do mean it,” I laugh, holding her hand, “ever since I saw her on the bridge singing. I just didn't know what to do.”

Winter smiles, “I love you Autum.”

As we kiss I know Winter has bestowed her trust in me, and it kills me. To know that if I break her trust, that will only mess her mind up even more than now. What hurts worst, is that if I break her trust, there is no way to fully gain it back again.


The End

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