Chapter 4: Pt. 2

"Identify yourself!" Jessica formed a bow from her light, but was shattered by the red arrow the guy used. He jumped down from the rubble he stood upon and slid down to ground level with the three. "I won't ask again! Who are you?" Jessica was getting impatient and made a trusty Claymore. The guy removed what was a cloak from his body and revealed his true self,  dark brown hair, blue eyes, a red sleeveless torn t-shirt with a long sleeve black undershirt and some skinny black jeans with white and black sneakers. 

"My names Raynd, or that's what people around here call me." He looked around then back to the others. "You guys could atleast tell him he's training and not surprise him like that." Raynd pointed out as he pointed at Jessica specifically. Jessica lowered her Claymore as it vanished. 

"I knew Aziz would be able to handle it." She spoke. Patrick kinda laughed as he patted Aziz's shoulder. Aziz looked at Jessica, as if he was confused to why she would think he was completely prepared on self taught training. Raynd gave Jessica a look of disappointment and looked at Patrick, where Patrick then smiled at him. 

"So, seeing that you knew what we were doing, then explain to us why you're here, eh?" Patrick seemed normal, but was a little annoyed to how someone he didn't know could somewhat see through others plans in mind. Raynd said nothing and instantly shot at Jacob with a bow, but it missed and hit a creature, destroying it's outer layer and the creature itself. "So... you're good at sensing the presence of those creatures as well. You're lucky that light a'yers keeps ya safe, or I woulda slaughtered you long time ago." Patrick smiled as he formed a knife of darkness and a pair of scissors. Surprised, Aziz couldn't believe Patrick was a glow stick user, but of darkness. Aziz snapped out of it and formed his Katana while Jessica formed a Scimitar, ready to face anything that came at them. 

"Well, well. If it isn't my favorite pair of family, Jessica and Patrick." A man's voice spoke out as a few shadow creatures backed up with an orange leash-like rope of light. A man who looked like he was rich as hell stepped from the shadows with a Cigar in his mouth. Patrick cringed at the sound of the voice, as if knowing who it was, while Jessica looked at Patrick in confusion. 

"It's you again.. Didn't I kill you a couple of days ago? You know, replaced your windpipe with gasoline and a match?" Patrick sounded irritated. The man with the cigar released the shadowy creatures to let them go at the group. Aziz stepped up and brightened his blade with a slash, allowing a good two clean kills, while Patrick grabbed one with his bare hand with the knife of darkness in his mouth and decapitated another creature with his scissors. Jessica stabbed on and kicked away another, where Raynd took two shots with his bow and killed the one that was kicked away. The rich man used his orange light to entangle the four, but Patrick grabbed the line and engulfed it with his darkness, running up the line and burning the rich mans hand, singeing his hand. Patrick panted, showing his hand was singed as well. "You're lucky that hurts me too, or else I woulda made ya my breakfast by now." He smiled while a drop of sweat rolled down his cheek.  Jessica and Aziz took front and guarded him. The rich man cursed under his breathe and used the orange light to flash up the streets, blinding Jessica, Patrick and Aziz. After the flash, the man was gone, and so was Raynd. 

"Where did Raynd go, Aziz?" Jessica asked, unable to determine where he could have went. 

"Beats me, probably left right before the flare or something." As Aziz spoke, his stick glew as well, and that same voice echoed. 

"Aziz? Who was that just now?" The girl asked him, as if she was worried about something.

"I dunno.. All I know is that we need to get Patrick out of here." Aziz spoke and Jessica agreed. Irritated, Patrick nodded with them both and they both took cover somewhere. Raynd watched from a distance as they both took Patrick somewhere. Raynds glow stick slowly dimmed as the sun started to rise. 

"Well... I guess until another night, we will meet again." Raynd covered up in a cloak again and slid down the other side of the debris, leaving a dust trail along the sunset. 


The End

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