Chapter 4: Pt. 1

"It's just around the corner over here." Jessica spoke as they walked around the debris where Aziz found his glow stick. He was confused to why she brought him here of all places, then shook off his thoughts when they both stopped right in the middle. "Welp, now that we're here, should we go at it?" She stretched, waiting for an answer from Aziz. He looked at her with a dumbfounded expression and had to ask. 

"What are you talking about?" He asked Jessica as she finished stretching. In an instant, Aziz pulled his head back out of reflex as a light of red cut across his face. He was cut across the face, and bled lightly as his human body functions closed the wound with a little plasma and blood, leaving a red outline across his nose just half a centimeter from his eye's. "What the hell was that for!?" He yelled at Jessica as she had a dagger of light in her hand. 

"Dang it Aziz, you didn't dodge very well. Better prepare yourself." She charged at him. He formed him Katana and blocked in reaction. She pulled back and began swinging at him several times, while Aziz dodged or blocked her swings. He swung at her and caused her to block. Jessica panted slightly, "Well.. that was a bad start on my end." She smiled with a goofy look and kicked away from him. Aziz just stood his ground as he panted slightly. 

"Why exactly are you doing this?" He asked her, having his Katana in one hand and spawned a small dagger in his other hand. She stood silent as she created a rope of light and combined it with her dagger. 

"I gotta make sure you're ready for anything Aziz, plain and simple." She smiled as she swung the rope with her dagger around in a spiral motion. Aziz ran in while Jessica threw her roped knife at him. He dodged and grabbed the rope and pulled her into him. She spawned a Claymore and swung at him with the momentum. Aziz used the dagger in his left hand to block, but had to relax and move with the Claymore since it was a much heavier weapon, causing him to sorta fling and hit the ground. Aziz used the small momentum he was given and stood back up, seeing she pulled her rope back to him and lifted her huge sword. "Gee, you scared me. I am surprised you actually blocked that with that small knife you got." She complimented him for his skill, which gave him a small confidence boost.  

"Thanks. You're not bad yourself. Though I have a question." Aziz spoke in a serene tone as his Knife shattered from tip to handle slowly from the Claymore swing. Jessica raised a brow as her weapons disappeared and she took a deep breathe. "Who is your friend that has been watching us this whole time?" Aziz pointed out to the debris with his Katana. Jessica smiled and scratched her head. 

"Him? Patriiiick. Patriiiiiiiick! Come on out here!" She yelled out to the darkness as a black shadow-like figure spawned from Jessica's shadow. Aziz readied himself, but then relaxed as he see's it's not the being from before. 

"What the hell do I look like to you, a dog? You only have to say my name once." Patrick spoke in a soft groaned voice, like if he was tired. "So.. You're pretty ready from what I am aware of." Patrick smirked his sharp teeth as he walked to Aziz and patted his head. 

"Patrick, maybe if you didn't ignore my first call all the time, then I wouldn't call you more than once!" She threw a rock at Patrick, but he caught it with his mouth and smiled one of the creepiest smiles you would only see on Halloween. 

"You hink hat hwould hwork?" Jessica puffed her face and walked over slowly to the two boys. A Coca-Cola red arrow shot between the three as Jessica was walking to the boys. Patrick spat the rock out and all three stared at the figure with a bow of red light. 


The End

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