Chapter 4: New Friends, New Enemies

A week had passed after the meet Grant had with Juliana. It was day time, 10:23 a.m. near Aziz's house, Aziz himself was walking out of his house, but not before saying goodbye to his parents since his dad and mom were gonna move somewhere for the weekend. They tried getting Aziz to go with them, but he insisted that they go on without him, telling them they needed a break and relaxation. He walked down the street from his house to a convenient store, where the clerk, as usual, wasn't there and most of the supplies where gone.

"Gee.." He grabbed what he could: Alcohol and some Bandages, because he wasn't going to be home once his parents left. He walked outside, where he met a girl. She had light brown hair with blonde tips at some points, a regular grey T-shirt, a skirt and boots. She gave him a look of concern, then knocked him in the head. "Gah! What was that for!?" He asked her, rubbing his head.

"Wondering why you're robbing a convenient store. Also, do your parents know about what you're gonna be doing? Looks like you're about to go on a survival mission or something." She pointed at his hand, holding the bandages and Alcohol. He looked at her with a slightly concerned face, wondering why a girl like her would give a dang on what he was doing.

"Why do you wish to know?" He asked with a slightly leaned tone. He stood straight up, then looked at her dead in the eye's, like he was trying to see something. Before the girl spoke, Aziz silent her. "You're only talking to me because I'm one of them, is that it?" He looked at her seriously, waiting for a reply.

"You catch on quick, don't you Aziz?" She spoke in a much less tense tone and smiled a little. He wasn't going to question how she knew his name, so he just stood silent. "The only reason why I am here before you at this time of day is because I have a favor to ask of you. Will you do something for me?" She asked with a polite and happy-ish tone. "I have a letter I need you to take me somewhere at around 10:00 p.m. tonight, since I have a feeling I will be stalked for the same reason you would be stalked." She smiled and offered her hand to him. He just smiled and agreed to her with a handshake and a nod. "You trust strangers a little to easily Aziz." She pointed out.

"Well, I was gonna venture anyway, so now that I have a an excuse to actually go out at night tonight." He smiled. "I never got your name, since you somehow already know mine." He pointed out, which made her sorta choke. He looked at the chain around her neck, and though had a clue to what it was, he just waited for her to reply to him. 

"Oh... well.. I'm Jessica! Jessica Lindström!" She spoke in an excited tone, which sorta threw Aziz off for a moment. As she finished introduced herself, Aziz just patted her head like she was a younger/older sister. 

"You're weird, and I like that." He smiled. Jessica looked at him like he was crazy, but went with it. 

About 9 hours later, 7:20 p.m., Aziz said goodbye to his parents as they went on their vacation and left him to what they prepared him with for the week. As his parents left him, he kept a house key within his pocket and left off into the nearly dark streets. Once it became 9-o-clock, Aziz took his glow stick from inside his sleeve and let it hang from his wrist. The teal blue light shined enough to light up enough to where he could walk, and a soft toned voice spoke from the light that was produced. 

"So, you decided to go and try out your new power?" The blonde spoke as she looked at him. Aziz smiled at her as he walked around a corner and saw a black man-figured shadow standing a few feet from him. 

"Who are you?" Aziz called out to the being, but the only response he got was it charging at him. Aziz dodged the charge and tripped the figure, causing it to bounce and hit a wall, then bounce off the wall with momentum. "What the..?" Aziz dodged again, but his arm got cut this time, which was a little surprising. His sleeve was torn open with a small cut, and the creature simply bounced off the wall across from the one he was knocked to, gaining more momentum. Aziz showed no mercy as when the creature came to him at a fast pace, it split in half instantly and dispersed, revealing Aziz's choice of weapon to do so, a regular katana. 

"What was that?" The stick talked as Aziz stood guard. Another shadow creature thing came from nowhere, but Aziz handled it just as he did the other. "What ever they are, they aren't like what we saw that one day!" Aziz ran forward as more came from nowhere. 

"Where in the?" He stopped for a moment to stab one of the beings, dispersing it. He created two light throwing knives and threw them with practiced precision, but where easily dodged by the shadow figures. He drew them back with light threads and stabbed the two in the back, causing them to disperse. Two more showed up, but he just threw his sword at one and made a light Gauntlet with his hand to punch the other one. The sword went through it and disappeared, the other hit a wall and groaned in pain. Dumbfounded, he slowly walked to the groaning figure. 

"You know how to hit, I now know that much. Damn... I thought I was gonna have another dead body to have fun with.." The guy stood up and popped his neck. He smiled with his sharp-like teeth in the glimmer of the Teal Blue light. 

"Who are you exactly?" Aziz asked with a confused face, wondering why the mysterious man would just attack him from the midst of nowhere. "Also, why did you just randomly attack me? What about dead bodies?" He had a few questions he just needed answered. 

"Well, if I answered you, then what would be the fun in that? I like to have people guess at just who and what I am. We will meet again, soon." The man disappeared in the shadows. Aziz used his hand like a flashlight, but the man was already gone. Confused and full of questions, a voice breaks his thoughts. 

"Gee, you showed up early Aziz." It was Jessica, she had a slightly bright red glow stick around her neck with a chain. She looked at him as his weapons of light faded. 

"So I'm guessing you're ready?" Aziz smiled as he gave Jessica a thumbs up. Jessica gave a thumbs up back and they both ventured to wherever Jessica was needing to be taken to. 


The End

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