Chapter 3: Pt. 2

Grant sighed with relief as the sun slowly came up. His G.L.O.W began to fade from its blood red color. He looked at it and saw that it had faded, meaning it didn't really matter if he put it in his pocket or he let it hang. He straightened his dirty smelly suit but shook his head in disappointment, "Dang it... I need to wash this, and myself at that". He looked around as he walked and took his top off, leaving the tank top on. He found an abandoned house that he actually made his home, since it had furniture and running water, but no power. He set his clothes in some clean hot water and went to shower, while washing his clothes. "Geez, I hate washing clothes by hand, it's so much harder. Wonder if I can find something to dry them real quick." He got out the shower and found a heating board for feet, but it needed power. He found a car battery and hooked it up to the pad, which began to work. He smiled as he set the pad to hottest and dried his clothes like that. After drying himself and putting his clothes on besides hit suit top, he put on his fedora and walked out, feeling cleaner and refreshed he went out and started jogging. After a few minutes of easy jogging he found a restaurant he could go eat at, since he hadn't had anything to eat besides that one stick of sugar cane. "Coffee, make it large with cream. Sugar separate." He looked out the window as the person brought him coffee. He tipped her with what he had and ordered some waffles with some kind of fruit in it along with eggs and hash to the side. 

"Do you mind if I sit here?" A girl asked him. She had hair as long as he's ever scene ever, which was an auburn color, her eye's were emerald green and considering he had to look up a little more, she was pretty tall. She only wore a tank top with a knee length skirt and leather boots that were knee length as well. She had on a choker with an Emerald in the middle, meaning it must be special in a way. 

"Umm.. sure?" Grant answered with a dumbfounded expression. She smiled a little bit and sat down on the other side, kicking her feet up on the table and ordering the waiter to bring her some of what Grant was having. "May I ask who you are?" Grant was interested into who this stranger was. She sounded innocent at first, but then became very demanding in a mans manner of tone. 

"My names Julliana Blackburn, what's yours?" She demanded his name as she drank some of his coffee. 

"H-Hey! What the hell!? You don't just drink my coffee!" He took a drink, only to find the cup was empty. "How in the!?" He looked at her as she drank her coffee and finished. 

"Aaaahhhh~ That was great!" She wiped her mouth with her hand, then looked over at Grant, seeing his stunned expression. "Well? You gonna tell me your name or not?" She began to become demanding. Grant looked up at her with a normal expression. 

"I'm Grant Kinsley, and you owe me a new cup of coffee." He sounded serious as he received a refill for his coffee, then mixed it up with some sugar and took a sip. Julliana looked at him and smiled as she set her feet on his head, causing him to face first in his coffee. His reaction was expected as he stood up in shock and knocked her back in another booth. 

"SON OF A MOTHER!! AAGH!!" He held his face in pain as he took some cold water from a glass he was given earlier and splashed it all on his face. Julliana slowly rose up to see the red faced Grant give her a deadly look. "I am going to strangle you!!!" He told her as he ran at her. She began running for her life as he chased her, but not before her smart remark when he said that. 

"I didn't think you were that kinky!! We only just met too! Pervert!" She stuck her tongue out at him as she ran. Grant picked up major speed and almost caught her, but she did the same and continued running. The two ran into the distance of the rising sun.

The End

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