Chapter 3 Pt. 1

As Grant had fled the scene before citizens went to check what happened, he couldn't help but sigh. He looked around to see no one in the dark and created a little stick that hi solidified enough to chew on it. 

"Not as good as sugar cane, but it'll do." As he said that he walked by a convenient store, making him unable to rather face palm himself or be glad it was convenient. He walked in to see if they had any actual sugar cane, but only to find they had lollipops instead. A little disappointed, Grant got about 12 lollipops for just the night and next day, since he had disorders. A man with red orange hair with a ponytail, and braids on the right side of his head, wearing a leather jacket over a T-shirt with baggy cargo pants and leather boots. He was purchasing the last of sugar cane from the clerk as he handed the man some. Grant got pissed and walked up to them both. 

"Excuse me, unless this is a drug deal, I suggest you put that where it belongs." Grant pointed to the store clerk and spoke. The man next to him gave him a what the hell kind of look, then proceeded.

"Excuse you? Do you have a problem with a store clerk doing his job?" The guy spoke to Grant, hoping he knew that they weren't doing anything involving dealing. 

"I call bull crap on you both. Gimme my cane or I'll beat you for it." Grant was agitated. The guy looked at Grant and frowned. 

"Really? Cant you wait until tomorrow for the new shipment from the gov.?" As the guy spoke, Grant threw a punch, but the guy caught it. Surprise filled Grants eyes, unable to look at how he did that without looking. "You just started something I don't think you can finish my good sir. I'm gonna have to put this on your tab. What is your name?" The guy asked with a serious look, pushing Grant back with pushing his fist. Grant was confused, unable to comprehend what happened. 

"I'll tell you my name, when I beat you senseless." He walked out backwards with the strange guy, then put up his G.L.O.W in his pocket. Grant formed gauntlets from his light, "You wanna mess with me now?" Grant smiled as the guy looked at him in a little surprise. 

"So, you wish to resort to light huh? Not a very smart move." The guy revealed his grey G.L.O.W to Grant, letting him know he had one as well. He formed an armor around himself, giving himself defensive abilities. "You know what is the difference between us?" He ran and charged at Grant, but Grant dodged and swung at his back, only to be disappointed when the armor deflected his blade. The guy stopped a little bit after and stuck his hand out to Grant, then charged in again. Grant was about to dodge, but was unable to move. He blocked the guy, but it broke his sword of light from the impact, then Grant went into a pile of garbage. "You only can control light. I have a grasp of both Light and Darkness, but not as good as a mono light or mono dark, if that exists. Do you need help?" He asked as Grant tried getting out. 

"Screw you! I'm fine!" Grant scurried out of the trash as the guy lifted his armor from his body. Grant got back up, and his stick spirit showed up from his side. 

"You just got beat, terribly." The spirit laughed as he vanished. Grant punched mid air, signifying that he says shut up. The guy smiled and handed Grant the box of sugar cane sticks. "What are you doing? First you beat me, and then show sympathy? Hell no, screw that." As Grant was about to leave, the guy grabbed him by the collar and dragged him back. 

"It's not sympathy, but an act of kindness. Now take the damn sticks, and atleast share your name with me!" The guy persisted. Grant sighed with frustration and grabbed the box. 

"I'm Grant. Grant Kinsley. There, you happy?" He ripped a stick from the box and began chewing on it, which made him feel much better. He calmed down a little and let his glow stick fall out of his pocket. 

"I'm Jacob Blackmin, sorry we got off at the wrong foot. Maybe when we see each other again, we can have lunch? I'll buy if there is a money issue." Jacob smiled at Grant as he left. Grant kept that name in mind, knowing he might even meet him again one day. 

"You still lost to him." The spirit teased Grant about the fight, meaning that this was going to be a long night for him. 

The End

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