Chapter 3: Enter Grant

Grant, an eighteen year old boy who's mother kicked out when his father died of "sudden illness".  He roamed the streets and stole his father's suit, which made him look classy as he went around in the poor neighborhood. He found his G.L.O.W in a nearby broken down house, where he trained for several days, learning to use it more wisely and even nearly master it. He met Aziz about a week later after learning his new profound power, seeing Aziz also had a stick, but didn't know how to use it yet. Grant gave him advice, but left shortly once he heard the police sirens going off, fleeing the scene. 

"Hmm... something about that kid.." Grant pondered as he walked around, homeless. Some kids thought he was some money grubber and tried attacking them. His light deflected them and they ran in fear. He looked at the stick on his waist, then sighed. "You act like I don't know how to fend for myself." Grant talked into mid air. 

"It's not my fault you didn't expect those kids to try and murder you." A dark distorted voice echoed as a dark hooded image appeared in the blood red light next to him. "You really are a clumsy goof sometimes, Grant." The hooded image chuckled a little. 

"Shut the hell up. I could have kicked those kids behinds if I wanted to." He looked at the figure and continued walking. Grant created a sword from light and swung it around a few times when he swung it again and hit something black. He immediately jumped away and watched the black-like creature thing rise and roar. Grant formed a spear from his light and spun it around, waiting for the creature. It charged at him with brute force, but he reacted with a well timed side step and an all along the side rip of the creatures darkness with the spear. It revealed it was a regular dog, until the darkness reformed over the open space the weapon left it with. 

"Grant. Flash light it." The voice spoke as the dog-like creature ran back to him for another round. Grant formed a concentrated light in his hand and flashed it, revealing the dogs head and allowing him to slice it off. The darkness died from the dog and vaporized into nothing, giving him a bad taste in his mouth. "You did that a little.. too well.. I like it." The voice echoed as Grant looked away from the dead decapitated dog and walked away. 

The End

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