Chapter 2: Pt. 2

Aziz was inside his room cleaning it after he had to look for his key to a trunk full of stuff he found over the years. 
"Got it." He smiled as he grabbed a weird tube-like cover from within the trunk. He smiled as his glow stick fit perfectly in it, making a nice casing for the stick. He set the stick straight up and sat at his desk, waiting for dark to come. As he waited, he liked to draw, even though he considered himself horrible at it. As night fell and everything became dark, the stick began to glow its Teal Blue, making Aziz put his sketch pad away and pay attention to the stick. The blonde from before reappears inside the stick, yawning like she just woke up. "Good morning sunshine, sleep well?" Aziz spoke his pun, he couldn't help it. She rubbed her eye's and smiled at him. 

"I slept well, thank you. How was your day today? Anything cool happen?" As she asked the question, something outside rustled and crashed. The sudden sound caused his to jump and grab his glow stick. "What was that??" The girl in the stick asked as Aziz grabbed his Wooden sword and took a defensive stance, his glow stick on his right wrist. 

"I don't know, but that sounded close..." He looked around his room as everything went silent. Someone opened their house door and went to see what the commotion was. Aziz looked out the window of his door to see what had happened. As he opened his window to ask what had happened, the person was jumped by something completely black. The person lost an arm as it cut it off and bit his throat, blood squirted on the walls and streets and they both disappeared. Aziz threw up after a little bit, never seeing something like that happen. He threw the bag of throw up in the trashcan and took it out, to have an excuse to not worry his asleep mother. 

"Wh-what happened..?" The girl asked quietly as Aziz had his wooden sword ready, in case it came back. He looked around, when he saw a blood red light coming down the street. He looked at it to see what was using it, then the light faded, revealing the person behind the light, Grant Kinsley. He wore a pine stripped fedora on his head, what looked like a red suit, but was unbuttoned which revealing a white tank top, and black pants.

"Dude, what are you doing with that child's toy? You could hurt yourself if you're not careful." He spoke in a normal tone, a blood red glow shined from his pocket. Aziz's stick saw this and completely forgot to tell him about what Grant just did with the light. "You have one too? Why not use that light instead of some wood, it only makes sense in the dark." Grant continued as he formed a ball of red light in his hand. Aziz was confused. 

"What are you talking about? What do you mean light? How the hell are you doing that?" Aziz was dumbfounded beyond belief, unable to comprehend what was happening. As he lowered his wooden sword, Grant formed one from midair, made of light. 

"This is a lot more efficient than that, you know?" He swung the blade of light around, then it warped into what looked like a pistol and aimed it at him. "This is also just as good too." Aziz took a defensive stance, not knowing whether he could trust Grant or not. "You know, I was kicked out of my house when my dad died, because my mom wanted everything for herself. You're lucky to have a family, so take care of them." He pointed at Aziz's house as he said that. "Now I gotta go, before some police show up and I get in biiiiiig trouble. I'll see you again soon, and hope you learn to use the light." He used his light like a rope and slung himself away from the scene. Aziz was so lost he only could just stand there, unable to take in what he just did with that light. 

"Aziz? I forgot to tell you about that! We need to get inside, quickly!" The girl shouted at him as he looked at her and nodded. He ran inside and locked the door as he closed it, then ran upstairs to his room. He set his stick down and sat there at his desk. 

"Alright lady, you have some explaining to do. What was that!?" He asked with surprise, as if very interested into what Grant had done. She smiled and nodded, taking up a small sigil within the stick and placing it on shell of it. 

"Touch this, and your questions will be answered." She smiled. He nodded, then touched the small sigil from the outside, activating it and causing him to sleep. What was happening at that moment though, was the sigil's energy transferred from the stick to his mind, causing him to sleep. Inside his mind, Aziz was sitting in what was a giant white room, where Alfred was standing a few feet from him. Alfred slowly walked forward and helped Aziz up from the floor. 

"Hello sir, I am Alfred, an Alchemist who created and designed this power of light." Alfred smiled as Aziz nodded and bowed with respect. "You have achieved something that may only have been achieved by a few, or maybe even millions. This, is G.L.O.W, Gamma Light Operable Weapon." He smiled as he took a basic blue stick and made it form into something. "You make light into anything you wish, rather from the light from the sun itself, or the light from the stick itself. It all depends on you and your imagination." Alfred formed the light from something into a book, into a mouse, then a feather, then into a sword. "Your imagination is your limit." Alfred smiled as he spoke. "You are Aziz, am I correct?" How did Alfred know his name? They've never met before. Aziz nodded and went along. "Your light matches with this woman's light; calm, generous, and determined at that. You two make a "perfect couple" you could say." He chuckled at his own joke. Aziz slightly laughed, as if he kinda agreed. "G.L.O.W is a special power, and well, if you ever watch that movie, you know what reference I would be making by now." Alfred rubbed Aziz's head as he became transparent. "Now go, and learn to use your light." As Alfred disappeared, a Teal Blue light shined as the room darkened. Aziz reached his hand out and grabbed the light, lighting the darkness. 

The End

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