Chapter 2: Pt. 1

At home, Aziz finished his chores and went up to his room. After a while, he looked at his glow stick and pondered for hours on what it exactly did. He was in the dark, so the stick was glowing, allowing him to look at it and see exactly what was on the inside. There was a spirit inside, a blonde girl who looked to be about fourteen. 

"Hello..?" The girl spoke to Aziz. He flinched and held his breath, as if scared for some reason. The girl looked at him and smiled. "My name is Hana, nice to meet you sir." She spoke to him, as if in a very friendly manner. Aziz gulped and mustered up some courage to reply as he scooted back to his regular position. 

"My name is Aziz, it's nice to meet you." He was unsure why or how what was happening was happening. He smiled a little from her smile, as if it was contagious. She looked to his clock that was on the side of the desk he sat at in his room and looked at him. 

"Are you not tired Aziz? You should get some sleep." She spoke to him, but was little to late as he was already asleep on his desk. She observed the room around her within the stick itself, then smiled softly as she sat there and meditated. 

The next day, Aziz grabbed his wooden, beaten up katana and went outside in the back yard for a little play time. He swung the wooden blade around and hit objects once in a while. His father came out and saw what he was doing, "Hey, what are you doing with Grandpa's old beating stick?" He asked as he sipped his coffee. 

"Just swinging it round dad, why?" He asked as he hit a tree a couple of times. His father looked around to see that his son had set up targets and other breakable objects that did not belong to them, but to the trash company that was a few blocks down, judging from the Labels on the trash. 

"Why do you persist on thinking you can be a sword fighter? You will never need such a skill with today's conditions, see?" Hank tossed Aziz a newspaper. Aziz caught it and saw a news article that involved a treaty. 

"Treaty of Age. This treaty with the rich and poor was made so that the poor can achieve 40% instead of 10%. Any defiance of the rich will involve blocking off of the rich of income." As he read it aloud he became happy, knowing that more money will now be coming into the system for them. 

"That means.... what, that we can actually start to slowly rebuild the place, right?" His father hinted at him with a smile. As Aziz jumped around in excitement, he struck a wooden log with the wooden sword and left a dent in it, making him even happier with the results of his training with a wooden sword that was once his grandfathers. 

Off in the distance, there was a girl, light brown hair with blonde tips, grey t-shirt, a skirt, stockings and shoes who watched with a look of curiosity. 

"Whatcha watchin?" The man from before that Hank saw walked up from the side, looking in the direction of she was looking in. "Oh, this channel. Boring. Lets add a tragic scene." The man picked up a rock and aimed at Aziz's back, when the girl grabbed his wrist.

"You idiot. You wanna cause a scene?" She spoke to him in an low tone. He smiled at her, then dropped the rock. 

"Actually, yes. I wanted to add spice to the scene and you had to be a party pooper." He spoke sarcastically. She turned to him and shook her head with disappointment. 

"Patrick, sometimes I wonder if you really are my brother." She walked away as she picked up a bag and left. Patrick, the mysterious man smiled as she left. He looked over at Aziz and Hank as Aziz ran back inside. 

"Nice glow stick he has there. Wonder if I can get one." He slowly migrated back into the shadows, but not without almost falling when he slipped on a stick similar to Aziz's. "What the hell?" He picked it up, and immediately turned coal black, but then it faded as the sunlight continued to migrate torward him in the darkness. "Interesting..~" He spoke in a seductive tone as he migrated back into the shadows. 

The End

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