Chapter 1 Pt. 2

Several months had passed from that day, leaving the scientist exhausted, but hard at work. As they worked and tested on the child to see what she exactly was. One of these methods involved capturing people again, only a handful though. The scientists tried throwing about three people inside a chamber with the child to see what would happen to them, along with how the child would react. She immediately bit all three of them and they became just like her, completely black. The subjects exhibited strange behavior and seemed to.. suck the light out of the room. The scientists call them Dark now for its meaning, absence of light. They wondering how in the world they came to existence.. more and likely happened while Charles and Alfred were working. The scientists continue investigating and experimenting on the Dark. After a while, they began to learn more and more about the Dark, like how they can migrate into the human body in daylight and walk around as if it was human itself, along with its claws only damage anything it scratches, meaning a clear decapitation is a clean kill. The Dark cannot infect others in broad daylight, so any sort of infecting would have to be done through night time The Dark have a black shell that covers them, making it impossible to actually get a clean kill on them, unless you use light, then the darkness spreads away from the light, exposing the human parts that can easily be sliced or destroyed through regular meanings of killing humans. As they Alchemists were finishing with the weeks of research, one of the Alchemists found the ship that Alfred had hidden with Alchemy, but the alchemists didnt get the chance to look at what was on it because of a Homonculus that was on it set it to sail. One of the test subjects broke out of its cell and bit several Alchemists, turning them into Dark. As the ship left, Alchemists were killed and transformed by the Dark, which then broke from the lab and escaped into the night. 

The sun was beginning to rise, but not enough to be close to dawn. The ship was just traveling, and the Homonculus was still as still life. Some teenagers saw that the ship was coming and ran to the bridge wit would cross under, waiting for it to come. When the ship began to go under the bridge, the teens jumped and landed safely, rummaging through the crates and crates of whatever the shipment had. One teen found the captains den and snuck up behind the captain, while the rest of the teens looked through the strange sticks that had been packaged into the crates. The teen behind the captain Homonculus tore off it's head, activating a sigil under the ship and causing it to explode. destroying nearly all the sticks. The explosion destroyed a few homes as well, with main pieces of the ship flying and going through neighborhoods. That morning of the explosion, the government explored and reported over 300 dead in the accident, and were unable to identify the ship, since alchemy had wiped its traces clean on what material it was made of. 

A man in a uniform walked up from the ruins of a building to his post that was placed not far from it, where he collected pieces of something.

"What is this... part of a glow stick?" He looked at it more closely, but couldn't shake the feeling that something was off about the stick. He took it to main HQ and checked it in before leaving to a nearby coffee shop. 

"Hank! Over here!" A man called to get his attention in the shop. Hank, a man that works for the government that just turned in some evidence went over to his friend and sat in the booth across from him. 

"You know you aren't suppose to call me by my real name in public, right?" Hank sounded like he was aggravated. He took the cup of coffee the waitress brought him and tipped her. "I'm surprised anyone is up and awake this early." Hank spoke in a low tone as he drank his coffee.

"I'm surprised anyone likes anybody in this place. It's living hell out here Hank." The other man looked at Hank with a worried expression. "How's your kid and wife, they doing alright?" The man asked. 

"What, Aziz? Yeah, he's doing better. Our younger daughter died a few weeks ago, and she died while he was caring for her." Hank gave a small sigh, knowing that he was still kind of depressed fro that.

"What happened to her...? Did she get sick suddenly with the virus or something?" The man asked in confusion, unable to tell how that could have even happened. 

"Heart problems. We knew she had problems, but the only doctor we knew was this psychotic sociopath  who had an obsession over knives and sharp tools..." Hank spoke, looking out the window and seeing that exact doctor staring at him through the coffee shop window. The man had long black hair, piercings on his right eyebrow, his lip and ears. He wore a black tank top with a strange tattoo on his right arm. black pants to compliment his figure as well, making him look like he would fit perfectly inside what most people call an Asylum. As Hank stared at him, the man showed his sharpened teeth, then spoke something knowing Hank could not hear. As he finished his speaking, the man pulls out a butterfly knife, messing with it like if it was a small wooden stick, then slowly walking off into the crowd. 

"Hank? You alright?" The man asked. Hank nodded as he drank his coffee and looked down at the local newspaper, showing the top news of the week.

To be continued...

The End

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