Chapter 1 pt. 1

Several months had passed, and the creation of G.L.O.W was at it's near ending. Charles seemed to kind of enjoy the fact that he could mess with subjects and even make them into something useful. Charles abused the subjects that they still had left while Alfred treated and took care of them after Charles had his fill, but a lot of the subjects couldn't make it. After a few victims were left, Charles looked at Alfred with a disgusted expression.

"Hey, Why did you capture a little girl?" Charles looked at Alfred, then pointed at the wandering girl that was next to him, tears in her eyes as she stayed close to Alfred but away form Charles. Alfred smiled lightly and looked up at Charles.

"She looked like she needed someone to comfort her, so I took on that responsibility. You know, since you killed her parents by abusing them? It's only fair." He handed Charles another stick once he finished transferring the light into it. They've atleast made several thousands if not millions by now, meaning they only had a few left before they were actually finished. "Charles.. after this, I am retiring." Alfred smiled as he rubbed the girls head when he said it. She was scared and slightly crying, but with nothing else to cling to, Alfred was her only nice choice. Charles would just kill her outright. 

"Retiring? Why do that when you get paid trillions?" Charles smiled with a greedy grin. "You practically live here and don't ever need to leave! Just work with what you like forever! People are expandable anywa-" Before Charles could finish his statement, Alfred coughed aloud to cut him off.

"Because a trillion is all I will need to live off of in this world. I am pretty sure that this child here would like to possibly start anew, right?" Alfred knelt down and patted the child's head, this alone comforting her more than anything as she nodded. She missed her parents a lot, more than anything really, but with her current situation, she couldn't be too picky as to who she could trust at this point. 

"Children make you soft Alfred, you know that?" Charles picked up some sugar cane from a container that had been sitting on a desk and began chewing on it. Once Charles and Alfred finished putting the remaining souls into their respectful containers, Alfred and Charles began to put all the G.L.O.W into containers that would be shipped off to the rich.

"Alfred, put the coordinates in for the shipment." Charles demanded. Alfred did so, but then he froze. Thoughts rushed through his head to realizing if this was actually accomplished, he would lose his opportunity at becoming an adoptive parent. He had never had kids of his own, and the fact the child he was currently keeping watch could be his only chance! He then put in coordinates for the longest trip away from the rich, into one of the deepest, most poor section of the world. Alfred closed the hatch and was ready to set it off, when he heard the most painful thing in that moment. The child screaming for help as Charles stole the light from her and put it into the very last container.

"You missed one, Alfred." Charles smiled evilly as the little girls body was lifeless. "CHARLES WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!??" Alfred ran to the girl and felt nothing, the life drained from her body. "You... You Bastard! How Could you!?" Alfred cried slightly, in pain knowing he just lost his only chance at being a father. 

"You gotta completely finish the job Alfred, not half ass it." Charles laughed as he kicked Alfred to the side. The child's skin began to turn a coal black, the body became a solid being of black, shadow-like energy began to ripple away from the child's body. Charles couldn't believe his eyes, unable to realize that he just created something completely different. He did realize one thing though, and that is he just made an original product, making it his original design. The being that was once the female child was now this live being of black.

"H-Hey.. what happened to you..?" Alfred stood up and slowly walked to her, but not before she leaped and bit Charles, which the same effect happened to him, making him into one as well. Alfred was in shock, not because his friend Charles died, but because of how fast the process of which Charles transformed after being simply bitten. Charles, now a black, lifeless being charged at Alfred, but only to be tricked and get tripped into the incinerator. The massive burning light from the fire inside the incinerator caused the little girl to return to normal, but have yellow eye's. Alfred looked at her as she smiled at him a little.

"So.. you're alright then? Good~ Thank god you're alive.." He hugged her tightly as she did the same. Alfred held her close as he felt her darkness reappearing when the incinerator was done doing its job. He knew what was about to happen, so he just waited for her to bite him but it never happened. Somehow, he didn't know how she did, but the little girl in her new state recognized him as something more than just the next victim to bite in her time. The two were caught together by other scientists and were separated, where they would preform Magic to experiment on the little girl until they were satisfied with results on how she became this way. Alfred hid the shipment from the scientists means of Magic that he made himself, making it to where no other could sense or see it but him. Alfred would be killed off shortly after, scientists giving him one last memory before killing him: what they were doing to the poor child he wished to care for. 

The End

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