Chapter One: Light Lost

The rich that created a world within their own spitting image is incomplete. They want to make it complete.

A world, once combined together into peace and tranquility. Wars fought and finished with peace, Economy stabilized and fixed, hunger and water shortages fixed, and the government itself the most powerful thing itself. The poor became rich, and the middle class became comfortable. Nothing wrong, everything plain and simple with nothing to make it wrong, or so that was the case. Harry Tippman, a man of power and greed wanted more than just what he had, he wanted more power and money. His ambition to obtain this caused a terrible thing to happen, which killed him in its awakening. A few people within the government itself transferred some small, non-metal parts to the rich, allowing them to create small, undetectable nukes that they can fire at the government anytime they try to even think about defying them and their commands. The few that helped the rich obtain such technology killed themselves, leaving no way to know what the rich did with those nukes. The Rich demanded all income to them, except for 10 percent. That 10 percent went to the rest of the world, leaving nothing for  the people to use to even afford a can of soda. The government did what they could to the once again crumbling world, using what remained of their secret service to aid the poor with what supplies they could, but the rich take most of that as if to rid of the now new poor permanently. Several years had passed, the cities that once were fresh and neat where now decayed with the blood of slaughtered innocents and gang graffiti, as well as common degradation and the inability to keep them updated. The parks that held children and happy families became rather graveyards or dog dens that the poor use as homes. The houses that were once fixed and perfect for everyone became bomb shelters and drive thru proof bunkers, families afraid to even take a peak out the window because they are afraid someone is watching them. On the other end, the rich forged cities into gold itself, and all metal is used for buildings, while paper money is consistently used throughout their whole system. The rich became bored eventually, unable to think of a way to rid of the poor completely without the government stepping in. As the rich thought of a way to possibly get rid of the now new poor and helpless part of the world, one rich man came up with a splendid idea during one of their pointless meetings. 

“Lets kill 'em with light itself! Nothing could go wrong there!” The rich man spoke with a smile as his sharpened teeth ripped the meat from a chicken leg loaded with butter and grease. The rich loved the idea, making it only reasonable to waste the trillions and trillions of dollars they make weekly. As they went to scientists with their wallets full and minds set ready to kill, they saw that they were just creating things out of metal with a form of magic that they have practiced for a very long time. The Rich were happy to see this, knowing that they could get what they wanted VERY easily. They stopped the scientists work and spoke to them of an idea that they all had, and paying them in cash for the project. The scientists decided to help with this. This marked the beginning of the newly introduced project: G.L.O.W.. The story begins with some scientists that have taken in millions of poor people under the government's nose, knowing they cannot keep up with that many people even if they wanted to.

“Hey, does this person look like a good subject?” A scientist spoke. His name was Alfred, or so that is what his tag said. The young scientist was in his late 30's.

“No. She's too bony and weak. Dispose of her.” A much more broad looking scientist spoke. His name tag says Bullok, but we know that is not a real name. He took the feeble woman and threw her in an incinerator that was in the lab in case a chemical was needing to be vaporized, the screams of the female echoed in the lab and caused the handful of people inside what looked like a big fishing net to panic and cry out. He grabbed a male from the net and threw him against a table. “Get on that table and lay down.” Bullok demanded.

“You don't have to be so harsh on them Charles.” Alfred revealed the true name of Bullok. He walked over to the table and preformed Magic on the man, taking this white orb of what may have been light from the body. Doing so caused the body itself to decay and become empty, like taking a doughnut out of its glazed coating but leaving the coating the way it is. Alfred began putting it into a plastic-like container. “This container is made from a mixture of Magic and Sevranium, a transparent but strong metal. Still able to break under high amounts of pressure though.” Alfred explained as Charles threw the dead body in the incinerator.

“So we need to make how many of these?” Charles asked in an aggravated tone. He knew for a fact that capturing millions of people only meant that he and Alfred were going to be there in the lab for a VERY long time.

To Be Continued... 

The End

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