Alrick, son of the first werewolf moves to the yorkshire dales in Britain to move away from the hunters of Greece. Whilst there he discovers a mysterious object held my a mystical woman who says she could change his way of life and all of his friends. Now he must make a decision: take the object and move back to Greece to save everyone or stay the way he is forever.

Rain. That's all there was in the stupid country. My paws slipped on the rocks which made the bleed. Meg was still talking. She had been talking the whole trip. We'd tried to hunt but couldn't find anything and so we were making our way back to the shelter we had found on our first day.

" Oh and Alrick! The best part was that Deimos ran off screaming! He's such a scaredy cat!" Meg jabbered on.

" By Zeus Meg! Shut up! I know the story. You've been telling Keres ever since we got here. Do you want to go back to Greece and learn how to survive the hard way by the Leader?" I snapped.

" Sorry Alrick", she muttered. We carried on walking, me half limping. I was the son of the first werewolf Lycaon. He was a great king of the island but then Zeus cursed him for being ful of hatred of something like that. He didn't tell me exactly why. He had seemed ashamed of himself when he was telling me and the rest of my brothers and sisters. Most of us were related but some had also been cursed by Zeus or Hera. Hera had punished Keres' and Meg's perants. They didn't tell me why. Deimos was my nephew. It's weird to think that way.  

I ended up stopping to lick a wound. My brown fur was sopping wet and I had mud up my ankles. Meg was while with piercing blue eyes. She didn't blend in well in this country. I had brown eyes.

The shelter came in sight soon enough. I ran forward inside and shook myself dry. Deimos was near the entrance waiting for Meg. He liked her a lot which was he nagged me for her to come along and she nagged me to let Keres come along. I sighed.

" Where's the food?" Deimos asked. He was tanned colour with green eyes. He was sat on his hind legs moving his paw left and right. I saw on his paw a small insect crawling over him. I was surprised he wasn't scared.

" We couldn't find any" I huffed and walked further to the back. I heard Keres breathing which meant she was asleep. I collapsed to the left of the shelter. Meg started to take to Deimos but in what seemed the distance I heard pads on the dusty floor.

" No meat?" a sweet voice asked.

" No sorry. Meg doesn't shut up does she?" I sighed. I turned over and looked up. Keres was standing over me. Her fur was as black as night and her eyes gleamed in the drakness.

" Leave her alone. She just likes to talk thats all. She likes to share things with other people to show how she feels".

" Yeah well it drives me insane. How did you put up with her?"

" I didn't listen", she laughed. I gave a small smile. " You should get some rest. You've been out most of the night". Keres walked away and went into her corner. I rolled back over and closed my eyes.

Getting to sleep was hard. It was cold in this country and Meg and Deimos kept on laughing.

" Shut up you two! Get some sleep! Where going to go exploring tomorrow. You need to be prepared!" I barked at them.

" Really!?" Deimos exclaimed.

" Yes". The two young wolves howled. I gave a small chuckle and curled up into a ball.

It took about five minutes until I heard Deimos snoring. It wasn't until then that I fell asleep unknowing that exploring was going to be different then I had imagined.

The End

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