Glitter in the NightMature

Space pirate vampires invade Earth. They are immortal, with an undead legion to fight for them, but the human race has a champion with a weapon they never expected!

The crew was tired and listless.  They had traveled for ages through the monotonous blackness of space, leaving a trail of broken worlds, seeking the one planet they could settle on for the rest of time.

Captain Emory gazed impassively at the planet that the sensors had just picked up.  Though he was as tired as the crew, he refused to show it, knowing that leadership has burdens as well as privileges.  Yes, the journey had been long, and the food supply was running low again, but the ship had finally made it.

"You have the  bridge, Azrael."

Without waiting for a response, he strode silently down the gloss black walkway toward the elevator.  Only when the doors closed did he allow a hint of a fanged smile to come to his lips.

Earth.  He could not wait to begin the hunt.

The End

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