.09 Before: Freelancers/SlumsMature

The planning continued all afternoon. They were completely engrossed. In fact so engrossed that Kayli completely forgot about her delivery, the betrayal and the fact that the delivery had not arrived yet.

And that was very bad news.

It wasn’t until after they finished that Kayli noticed that the shipment wasn’t here yet. She looked around slightly worried. Maybe she had just missed it and someone took it in for her. But when she asked around, no one said that there was any type of shipment that came today. And that was really bad news.

“Anything wrong?” Kyle asked as Kayli came back into the room, her face clouded with worry.

“There was supposed to be a shipment. The shorters were supposed to come today and I made it really clear that if they didn’t, he wouldn’t get paid. This isn’t normal.”

Kyle frowned. He knew about that as well.

“Maybe something happened on the way here. We need to be careful.”

Just at that moment, there was a crash and a scream and when Kayli looked up again, the front door of the headquarters had been knocked off. Inside the door frame stood a tall figure with a gun in his hands. One that wasn’t quite familiar.

The man paused to survey the damage and a dark grin appeared on his face.

“I hope you’ll enjoy the company.”

The End

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