.08 Circuit: DomesMature

Jordan was angry. Terribly angry. He felt humiliated and stupid. How his plan was completely ruined by the fact that some old lady on the streets went over and attacked him. And he lost. For some reason he thought of Garth and how Garth lost every single time against him. And Jordan felt a pang of regret. As if now, he suddenly realized how terrible Garth had felt.

“No!” Jordan slammed a fist into the wall. This was not happening. Jordan quickly slipped out of the slums and walked back to the headquarters. Garth had been stupid. He was a weakling. There was no point in pitying him. Especially since he was dead now.

Jordan had a plan in mind.

Fight the domes you say? Well, I’ll make sure it’ll be too hard to organize.

The End

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