.08 Circuit: SlumsMature

Kyle was at a desk, a peice of paper and a pen before him. Beside his table, there was a small waste basket that was usually big enough to carry the amount of waste that was usually disposed of. But it was obviously not big enough this time. Paper spilled out from the rim of the basket as more and more bounced out.

There was a frustrated groan and a squeak of the chair as Kyle got up to pace back and forth. He was having some trouble. All this time, he had been following a plan that he was thinking of since the day he realized what his goal in life was to be. But writing an insiprational speech... This was hard.

He had never done anything like this before and he had no idea what would inspire the people enough that they would rise up again, gather themselves and try to destroy the domes again after what had just happened.

He just needed something... A tad bit of inspiration. Something that would give him an idea that would sprout into something incredible. Something.. Wonderful like the sun...

And then suddenly, it hit him. Richard had used the sun as a bribe. Why could he do that? And since he had the freelancer’s support, they would be more believable. And that would be enough to get the support that he needed.

Kyle smiled as he sat down and picked up his pen again. He knew what he was going to write now. And he was sure that it would be a success.

The End

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