.08 Circuit: SlumsMature

The moment they stopped, Sarah almost collapsed to the ground. That was way too much pressure on her. But Kyle dragged her up.

“Get up.”

“I’m tired.” Sarah moaned.

“Get up.”

“I’m so sick of this.”

“Get up. We’re on a time limit.”


“Get up!”

Sarah frowned as she clambered up.

“We don’t even have any idea as to what we’re going to do.”

“Who said that?”

“Did you say that?” Sarah looked up confused.

“Well, we have a plan now.”

“Since when.”

“Since I thought of it.” Kyle walked forward. “Since we’re short on time, we’ll have to rely on the most simplest method.”

“And that is...”

“Inspirational speech.”


“No buts.” Kyle gave Sarah deep glare. “You promised you would listen to me. And this is the plan.”

Sarah promptly shutup. She followed Kyle as they made their way back to the castle. Once they entered there, Kyle led her to a room.

“You stay here until I get the speech ready.”

“Ok.” Sarah stayed silent other than those few words, knowing that Kyle would just shush her again. And so she sat there and watched Kyle leave the room. There wasn’t much to do and Sarah got up to look around the room.

It was a dim room, just like anyone other room, and maybe it was because she still had the light of the fake sun in that dome in her mind,. but the room seemed to be unusually dim. It had a musty smell even though it seemed to have been used lately. Sarah wondered who lived in here. Was it a guard? Richard? Sarah kicked off her shoes and curled her toes in the thick carpet on the floor. It was so dim that she could barely see anything.

And so with nothing else to do, she curled up on the bed and fell asleep.

The End

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