.08 Circuit: FreelancersMature

Kayli was rushing back so quickly that she almost ran into someone. But when she looked up to apologize, she froze, because far behind him, down the street, she saw Jordan step out of the headquarters and slink into an alleyway.

Kayli frowned. What was he doing there?  What was that asshole doing slinking around the headquarters? She still hadn’t told everyone that Jordan was a traitor and she was sure that if he had been able to walk out in one peice, none of the people in there had known.

She would have to enter to the headquarters a different way. Either that, or she would have to find a distraction or a way to lure Jordan out. As she was thinking, she saw Kyle and Sarah come down the street. What perfect timing.

The whole situation had happened too fast for her to realize what had happen. One moment, Kyle and Sarah were being faced by Jordan and the next moment, some crazy lady was punching the hell out of Jordan. Kayli wanted to laugh. That was until she heard what the woman was screaming.

Her daughter? What did she mean mess with her daughter?

A couple moments later, Kayli watched as Jordan finally pushed the old lady away, stumbling up and running off with a slight limp. The old lady didn’t chase after him. Kayli rushed over and extended an arm to help her up.

“Thank you for that.” She said with a small smile. The old lady brushed her hand off the moment she could stand up again.

“Bah! It was nothing.” She muttered. “That boy was up to now good. He was after my son. And now he’s going after my daughter. I can’t stay in hiding anymore.”

Kayli tilted her head in confusion. but, realizing that they were still in the middle of the road Kayli guided her towards the headquarters, inviting her in.

“Why don’t you take a seat with us?” She asked with a small smile.

“Nah, I got my own things to do.” The old lady shook her head. Kayli’s smile disappeared and she nodded.

“Will you leave a name?”

The old lady was silent for a long time before she spoke up again.

“It’s a secret, but will you keep it for me?”

Kayli nodded. The old lady looked around before she leaned in with a small smile.

“I knew I could trust in you.” She took in a deep breath. “My name’s Elyn. Or more commonly known as Lady Elyn.”

Then the old lady ran slipped away as Kayli watched her disbelief. The queen? This was crazy. Kayli stared at the shadow of the hunch over figure that had once been the queen. Someone who had once held her head so high and held so much power. And now? Now, she was reduced to nothing more than a hunchbacked old lady who was willing to attack people.

Kayli sighed. It was a shame to see things shrink down to this and Kayli swore that she wouldn’t let the old lady down. She slipped into the headquarters and ripped apart her water canteen, peeling off the sheet of thin notebook paper from the damp sides of the canteen. Kayli bit her tongue as she slow began to peice each part of the page together. Some of the damper one would stick onto the table and she almost ripped a couple, causing a couple moments of heavy heart pounding. But eventually, she did it.

Kayli leaned back with a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, some of the writing got a little smeared, but most of the poem was now visible.

Of silver and platinum there shall be,

Invincible creatures ..................

Leave no fatal marks ............ be made

A single disk ..............demise

And peace be brou.......

And silence wo...

And the secret to it is the K...........

Kayli frowned as she read it over. Yes, she had more words now, but it hadn’t done much more that get her to be even more confused than before. And now she knew that there must be some secret. That last line, what would be the things that started with “K”?

Kayli sighed and pushed pieces of paper away, scrambling them. She quickly scrawled out what she had of the poem on another sheet of paper before she forgot it and threw the salvaged remains of the half a sheet of notebook into a burning torch nearby.

She had to figure this out. Who was this mysterious person who wrote this?


The End

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