.08 Circuit: SlumsMature

Their way back was silent.

Sarah had nothing to say and Kyle seemed to be thinking about something the whole time. They it was terribly distressing. But the silence was broken by a sudden shout.


They looked up and saw the same messenger that they had met last time. Sarah gave him a half-hearted wave. Kyle only stared at him.

From the look of his face, he didn’t seemed too happy, but the messenger also had an excited air to him.

“Did you hear?” He leaned in to chatter excitedly, “There’s news that the robots are being charged up.”

“What? You can’t be serious.” Kyle glared at him. The messenger nodded.

“It’s all true. I saw it with my own two eyes. And all of them are being charged!”

“Since when?”

“Since yesterday.”

Kyle closed his eyes as blood drained from his face. He nodded at the messenger and the messenger took off again. Sarah stared at Kyle with a worrisome look.

“You ok?” She asked, wondering what the messenger had meant by the robots and why Kyle looked so terribly after receiving this news.

“No.” He said and leaned against a nearby wall. “21 days. We have 21 days to get everything done.”

“What?” Sarah stared at him confused. “21 days for what?”

Kyle let out a short laugh.

“They never educated you on the robots?”

Sarah shook her head bewildered.

“What robots?”

“You know why the domes have been able to keep dominance over everyone?”

“Isn’t is because they have better resources?”

Kyle shook his head.

“No. Even with not as good resources, the slums would stand a chance against them. Think about it, most of the population above ground consist of people who spend all their time immersed in those domes. How many of these people would be able to walk onto a battlefield and fight? To be honest not many. The slums though have much more people. You know that people down here are savages. Savages can fight and that’s all that matters.”

“Then what is it?”

“The domes have a secret weapon.”

“And it’s the robot?”

“It’s not just any robot. These things were designed by the founders of the domes with only one goal in mind - the ultimate killing machine. These robots are practically flawless. And only one of them had been successfully destroyed.”

“But, then why don’t they use them just to wipe everyone down here out?”

“Because it’s not that simple.” Kyle sighed. “First off you have the freelancers that tend to help the slums, not because their main headquarters are in the slums, but because the odds are almost always never in the favor of the slums. And since the job of a freelancer is to make balance, they always are helping the slums.

“Second off, and more closely related to the robots, these machines require large amounts of energy from the energy reserves of the domes. One robots uses enough energy to drain one whole reserve. It takes years to fill them back up, so it’s not possible to just use them as anyone wished to. But not only that, these robots take 21 days to charge up. 21 days is enough time for the news to get out and for people to go into hiding until the robot runs out of time.”

“Oh.” Sarah said, nodding. “So the robots are charging now?”

Kyle nodded.

“And all them as well.” He added.

“How many are there? 50? 100?”

Kyle laughed slightly.

“How much energy do you think they have? Only 9 were built. Since one of destroyed, there are 8 left. But 8 is enough to completely obliterate the world.”

“What are we going to do then?” Sarah looked around anxiously. Kyle was silent for a moment.

“We’re going to have a change of plans.” Kyle finally said. “But let’s find Kayli first.”

“Why do we need to look for her?”

“Do you think we’re going to be able to do this all just by ourselves?”

“Oh.” Sarah nodded. It wasn’t that she dreaded seeing Kayli or that she hated her, but that since the incident, it just felt weird to face to person you asked to kill to brother. They set off towards the headquarters.

They were nearing the headquarters when suddenly as noise alerted them of something. When they looked up, they saw a familiar figure staring at them with a small grin. It was the leader of the dome troops from the other day.

“Perfect.” He said and threw himself at them. Kyle’s eye’s widen in surprise and instinctively pushed Sarah backwards. While Kyle knew self defense, he was no opponent of this trained killer. he seemed to around their age, maybe a little older than Kyle and a little younger than Sarah. He looked Kayli’s age and Kyle wondered if he had some relationship with Kayli before that day. Or else why would have such an obsession with catching Kayli? why not just send people to kill her? How much more easy would that be?

With Sarah out of the way, Kyle face the young man full on and rolled under him, dodging his blow. He crawled up and face the young man again. he only turned around and flicked a punch towards Kyle once again. Kyle dodged it and grabbed his wrist, but they were as hard as stone and Kyle couldn’t do anything with them, not even with his so call infamous hands.

The young man gave him a mocking stare.

“You fight like a girl. Did Kayli teach you?”

Kyle glanced up at him.

“So you do know her...” He trailed off with a knowing stared of contempt. The young man stared at him, his face starting to flush a deep shade of red.

“Where is she?” He demanded, shoving Kyle backwards. Kyle fell back effortlessly and landed on the ground with a slight thud.

“I don’t know.” He answered, “What do you think I am? Her personal stalker?”

He lashed out a foot on the ground and tripped the young man. He fell to the ground, surprised by the sudden attack. Kyle stepped forward and gave him a menacing glare as if he was going to do something. But suddenly, there was a flash and Jordan could only watch in surprise as they took off, the speed of what just happened completely blew his mind. Jordan was about to climb up again when a dark shadow flited out from the corner of his eye and landed heavily on him.

The dark cloaked figure began landing punches on his face screaming.

“You’re the son of that asshole!” She shrieked. “Get away from my daughter!”

The End

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