.08 Circuit: DomesMature

Jordan looked around before he snuck near the building. He had seen plenty of suspicious people walking in and out from the place. He didn’t care too much for them, because without their leader, they probably wouldn’t be anything at all. What Jordan wanted to look for was Kayli.

He waited until there weren’t many people left in the building before he snuck in. The door was unlocked (of course) and Jordan walked in as if he were any other normal person. Not everyone knew about his treason yet (Jordan knew that because he knew that Kayli would never have the face to tell everyone that they had been tricked into trusting a twelve year old boy who was actually the biggest spy ever) and so Jordan was sure he could get in easily.

“Mr. Jordan!” Someone waved to him. “Where have you been? It’s been a while since you came back. You missed all of the action!”

“I did?” Jordan gave an alarmed look. “What action?”

The boy looked around and leane in.

“I heard that Miss Rose got surrounded by the Boss from the domes. But she was too smart for them and tricked them into letting her out!”

“Really?” Jordan leaned back, trying to hide an angry blush. The boy nodded.

“And I also heard that she completely kicked those men’s asses! Like this!” The boy swung his leg at a table and knocked into it, sending a rattle through it. The boy winced and began hopping on one leg he he held his toe. “Owie. That hurt.”

He bent over and rubbed his toe. Jordan held back a cold laugh.

“Is Kayli here?” He proceeded to ask. The boy paused to think for a while.

“I think so.”

“Where do you think I can find her?”

“Miss Rose would probably be in her room. It’s just down the hall in the top floor.”

“Ok, thanks.” Jordan nodded and headed off. He rushed forward towards the stairs and reached Kayli’s room quickly. He knocked on it lightly and hoped that there would be a response. There was nothing but silence. Jordan opened to door and saw that the room was truly empty. Not a single trace of life was there.

Jordan frowned. Looks like he would have to play the waiting game then. In the end, Kayli was going to come back. Of course, he couldn’t wait for her in here. It would be too dangerous. He would have to wait for her to come in from wherever she went.

Jordan walked back down the stairs and left the headquarters before anyone could ask what he was up to. He looked around and snuck into a small corner where he settled down, waiting on Kayli’s return.

The End

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